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Thursday, September 25, 2014

While Suspect Returns To Virginia, Search For Hannah Graham Continues

Jesse Matthew, the man accused of abducting missing UVA student Hannah Graham, appeared in a Texas courtroom Thursday and agreed to return to Virginia without a fight. Meanwhile, the search for the missing 18-year-old continues.

McAuliffe Forms Ethics Commission In Effort To Clean Up Virginia's Image

The Commonwealth's ethics laws need teeth, Gov. McAuliffe says, and that's plainer than ever in the aftermath of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's conviction on corruption charges.

Virginia's Jim Webb Seriously Contemplating Presidential Run

Don't hand Hillary the Democratic nod just yet — former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb says he is "seriously looking at the possibility" of a presidential bid in 2016.

Details Emerge About Video That Ties Charles Severance To Fatal Shooting

A search warrant is offering new details about how Alexandria Police were able to tie former mayoral candidate Charles Severance to the murder of two woman earlier this year.

Comstock, Foust Go Head To Head In Loudoun County

In the competitive race to succeed Frank Wolf as the representative of Virginia's 10th District, Republican Barbara Comstock and Democrat John Foust squared off Wednesday night.

UVA Abduction Suspect Jesse Matthew Arrested In Texas

Jesse Matthew — the man that police say was the last known person to see missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham — was arrested yesterday in Galveston, Texas.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Low-Income Seniors Struggle to Stay in the City They Call Home

It's a tough time to be a renter in Washington, D.C. — and elderly residents on fixed incomes are no exception.

Why Did African Americans Leave Georgetown?

For much of its history, Georgetown was home to a thriving community of African Americans. But most of those residents left as housing costs skyrocketed.

11th Street Bridge Project Inspires Hope At Both Ends

Can a High Line-style park over the Anacostia River bring two sides of the city together?

Battle Over 'Pop-Ups' and 'Pop-Backs' Exposes Fault Lines Over Housing in D.C.

As D.C.'s housing demand rises, developers are getting creative in carving more space out of existing homes. But not everyone is happy about that.

Are Artists The Catalysts Of Gentrification In D.C.?

In D.C., the arrival of artists and arts organizations can be an early sign that a neighborhood will soon dramatically change.

Legendary Gay Bar Seeks New Home East Of The Anacostia

Development forced D.C. Eagle to leave New York Avenue NW. Now it's moving across the Anacostia, but its owners insist they're not gentrifiers.

Marshall Heights: The Ups And Downs Of A Neighborhood East Of The River

As late as the 1950s, Marshall Heights had the nickname of "Shantytown." Now researchers are calling it one of Washington's fastest-gentrifying neighborhoods.

Is Gentrification In D.C. Going According To 'The Plan?'

It's been 35 years since a newspaper columnist put forth the theory that white people were conspiring to take power from black officials. Does the idea still hold today?

This Week On Metro Connection: The 'G Word'

Block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood, D.C. is in the midst of major redevelopment. What are we gaining and what are we losing in the process?