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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scientology-Related Drug Center Blocked By Frederick County Council

The Trout Run resort will not become a Narconon facility. The lone dissenter on the council said the involvement of Scientology "clouded" his colleagues' judgment on the matter.

Washington Monument To Remain Closed; Elevators Face Increased Scrutiny

The monument will remain closed until at least Thursday, the National Park Service says. Politicians are seeking guarantees that there will be no more elevator problems that cause shutdowns.

D.C. Schools Improved Under Mayoral Control, But Progress Remains Uneven

The first formal assessment of D.C.'s public schools since mayoral control was granted in 2007 finds that while small gains have been made, work remains to be done.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Was Amtrak Engineer On His Cell Phone Before Deadly Derailment? Investigators Can't Say

Three weeks after eight passengers were killed and more than 200 were injured in the derailment of an Amtrak train on its way from D.C. to New York, federal investigators can't say whether the engineer was on his cell phone instead of paying full attention to his job.

Virginia Justices To Decide How Much About The Death Penalty Should Be Public

The Virginia Supreme Court will hear arguments on Wednesday about the death penalty. They won't be debating whether it's right or wrong — but rather how much the public should know about it.

Exculpatory Evidence Now Has Longer Shelf Life In Virginia

A ruling by the Virginia Supreme Court would give new light to exculpatory evidence suppressed by authorities, even in cases where it's too late to appeal.

Why Two Maryland Counties Are Trading Investigations Into Police-Related Deaths

There's a perception that investigations into police-related deaths are hampered by the relationships between county cops and top prosecutors — prompting two Maryland counties to agree to investigate cases for each other.

Monday, June 1, 2015

What Do Virginia's Local Primary Campaigns Spend Cash On Anyway?

The political consultants need to get paid, and that direct mail needs postage. Then there's the website and the campaign staff. These are the things candidates in the upcoming Virginia primary are spending big money on.

Memorial Bridge: A Symbol Of What Ails America's Crumbling Infrastructure

With two lanes of the Memorial Bridge closed because an inspection found rapidly corroding support beams, local officials are calling on Congress to pay for the repair of crumbling infrastructure.

'Goods, Not Guns': D.C. Businesses Urged To Say 'No' To Concealed Handguns

In what could be the first visible sign of how the District is adapting to an era of looser gun laws, two D.C. residents are kicking off a campaign on Tuesday to encourage local businesses to post signs prohibiting patrons from entering with concealed handguns.

Residents East Of Anacostia Blame New 11th Street Bridge For Traffic Woes

The new 11th Street Bridge was designed to relieve traffic between Anacostia Freeway and I-695, but residents east of the river say their local roads have been clogged with spillover.

What If Pepco Was Replaced With A City-Owned Electric Utility?

While the D.C. Council weighs the merger of power companies Exelon and Pepco, one D.C. Council member wants to study the feasability of a municipally-owned utility a la Seattle or Los Angeles.

With Virginia Primaries A Week Away, The Direct Mail Is Coming

It's the final week before primary election day in Virginia, and that means the gloves are coming off in direct mail campaigns for races like the State Senate and local boards of supervisors.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jurisdictions Scramble To Find Alternatives To Virginia's Vulnerable Voting Machines

Earlier this year, the Virginia Department of Elections found a series of security issues with WINVote machines used across the state — and now localities are trying to find alternatives, which will include hand-counting ballots.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Former Maryland Gov. O'Malley Stirs Hype For Expected Presidential Run

If there was any suspense left, the former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor sapped it Friday with the release of a hint-dropping video.