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Friday, November 28, 2014

Move Over, Smith Island Cake: Maryland's Unsung Culinary Delights

Maryland cuisine goes far beyond Smith Island cake and crabs. White potato pie and Kossuth Cake, anyone?

Baltimore's 'Arabbers' Keep 150 Years Of Tradition Alive

Baltimore's "arabbers" walk around the city selling fruits and vegetables from horse-drawn carts — a job that harkens all the back to the Civil War.

Mambo Or Mumbo, Learning The Secret Behind D.C.’s Special Sauce

We get the juicy story behind the tangy, gooey sauce thought to be D.C.'s homegrown condiment.

Frederick Bakery Fries Up Donuts For The Animal-Free

In Frederick, Md., two bakers are whipping up traditional doughnuts with some rather non-traditional ingredients.

Koreans Roll In To D.C.'s Bagel Businesses

The D.C. region is home to more than 60,000 Korean immigrants, and a growing number are turning to bagel baking.

This Week On Metro Connection: Down The Hatch (Rebroadcast)

We'll celebrate Thanksgiving by revisiting our annual show about food, glorious food.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Obamas Settle In For Quiet — And Delicious — Thanksgiving

The Obamas are having a quiet Thanksgiving at the White House, and the menu would make anyone hope for an invite.

Area Airports Getting Technology To Help Planes Land More Quickly

Washington-area airports are the first in the nation to begin using new technology to get travelers to and from their destinations faster.

Virginia Could Loosen Medical Marijuana Rules

Virginia isn't likely to follow D.C. and Maryland in decriminalizing marijuana, but some legislators say that they could loosen laws to make medical marijuana more widely available.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Forthcoming MoCo Legislation Targets Smoking, Alcohol, Pinball

The start of Maryland's General Assembly session is a little less than two months away, but state lawmakers are already crafting bills that propose certain alcohol and tobacco regulations. And pinball.

Infant Mortality Rate Declines In Virginia

Nearly 200 more babies a year are making it to their first birthday.

How Should Virginia Tackle Ethics Reform?

Legislators are about to start taking action to tighten Virginia's notoriously lax rules on taking gifts and making disclosures. But nailing down specifics is a bit tricker.

Three Days Of Services Planned For Marion Barry

The former four-term mayor and D.C. Council member will lie in repose in the Wilson Building for 24 hours, after which services will take place at a church and the Washington Convention Center.

Departing Texas Republican Wants Firing Range In D.C., No Traffic Cameras

Though Congress is in the closing weeks of its current session, one departing Texas Republican has introduced a pair of last-ditch bills targeting the District of Columbia.

Bowser Removes Reeves Center From D.C. United Stadium Deal

A pair of D.C. Council committee on Tuesday approved the $300 million deal for a new D.C. United stadium, but dropped a proposed land swap and instead authorized the use of eminent domain to acquire the needed land.