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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maryland Proposes Alcohol Sales Tax

Maryland senators are debating whether to add a sales tax for beer, wine and liquor, similar to the one D.C. levies.

Kicking Bottled Water At World Water Day

As part of World Water Day, small business owners and environmentalists are calling on Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley to cut state spending on bottled water.

Power Breakfast: Schools Against Tuition Hikes

This morning if you happen to find yourself on Independence Avenue heading west -- in the vicinity of the Department of Education -- you might run into a bit of a crowd.

Few Turn Out To Discuss $851 Million Metro Improvement Plan

Leaders at Metro say a proposed $851 million Capital Improvement Plan will address the issues passengers care about the most.

Possible Motive in Lululemon Murder Case

Prosecutors in the Bethesda Lululemon murder case say they now believe they know the motive behind the slaying of store clerk Jayna Murray.

Details Revealed In Lululemon Murder Case

The prosecuting attorney in the Bethesda Lululemon murder case is revealing details in court of an unusually brutal attack, allegedly by a woman police say has no prior criminal record.

Cheh Wants Subpoena Powers In Probe Of Gray Hiring Practices

D.C. Council Member Mary Cheh says she wants subpoena powers as she probes the hiring practices of the Gray administration.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Virginia To Use Familial DNA In Investigations

Virginia is taking steps to join the small number of states that allow the use of familial DNA in criminal investigations. Familial DNA searches have been used in California and Colorado, but many states are not using the technology over privacy concerns.

Who You Know: The Impact Of Networking On Unemployment

Competing with a highly educated, well-connected work force can be a great challenge for many D.C. residents, but one program is achieving some eye-opening success.

Maryland News Roundup

The Post wraps up Friday's legislative action in the House on the state's budget, O'Malley proposes the creation of a Prescription Drug Monitoring program to investigate questionable prescriptions, and a Baltimore County school comes under fire for the salary of its new deputy schools superintendent.

Latest Maryland News

Delaware has begun a statewide effort to support its sister state in Japan.

Latest D.C. News

A teenage girl has been charged in connection with the shooting death of a high school student in Southeast, and the National Zoo launches an online quiz to raise money called "Are You Smarter Than a Curator?"

Latest Virginia News

Gov. Bob McDonnell has told Virginia agencies to screen the immigration status of applicants for state jobs using the e-Verify system ahead of schedule.

E-Verify System Now Accessible To Immigrants

Immigrants in five states and the District of Columbia with questions about their eligibility to work in the United States can now use a government database to verify their own status.

Metro Holds Public Hearing On Spending Improvement Funds

For all the criticism Metro has received over rail and even escalator safety lately, just two people showed up to speak at a public hearing at Metro headquarters Monday.