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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram

Signature Sondheim, mechanical art, and comic opera.

Former Maryland Governor Schaefer Remembered

Former Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor William Donald Schaefer will lie in repose all day at Baltimore City Hall. Funeral services took place at the state capital building in Annapolis Monday.

In Obese Children, Researchers Examine Nature Vs. Nurture

Scientists are still trying to understand the causes of childhood obesity and how best to treat it. Researchers in the area are attacking the problem in a number of different ways: examining environmental influences, genetic triggers, psychological reasons, new medicines, and even epi-genetics, which looks at how the prenatal environment influences genes.

Redskins Player Charged With Misdemeanor Sexual Abuse

Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is being charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse.

MoCo Report Outlines Recommendations For Pepco

In Maryland, another report is slamming Pepco's service reliability in Montgomery County -- this one comes from the county itself.

D.C. Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Second-Degree Burglary

A District police officer has pleaded guilty to a second-degree burglary charge and is resigning from the department.

Virginians Consider The Risks And Benefits Of Hydraulic Fracturing

With the dangers of nuclear power playing out in Japan, fighting in Libya pushing up oil prices, and environmentalists urging a reduction in dependence on coal, America is looking for energy alternatives.

One that seemed promising is natural gas. But critics say the process of getting gas from the ground may be risky, which is a question playing out in the Commonwealth.

DDOT to spray ginkgo trees to stem smell

D.C. officials are starting to spray ginkgo trees around the city to stave off the unpleasant odor of its fruits.

Monday, April 25, 2011

School Board To Announce New MoCo Superintendent Monday

Montgomery County School Board members plan to announce their pick for the system's new superintendent at a meeting Monday evening in Rockville, Md.

Interfaith Seder Just One Celebration In A Year Of Cooperation

Two groups in D.C. and Virginia who recently co-hosted an interfaith Passover Seder say their commitment to unity goes far beyond the annual event.

Virginia Redistricting: Assembly Returns After Recess To Try Again

When the Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate members return Monday from a two-week recess, they will try and decide who will determine how to divide the state's legislative districts.

Work Begins On NY Ave Bridge

A word of warning to drivers who take New York Avenue into D.C. to get to work. Today the District’s Department of Transportation begins a major construction project on the bridge that could last up to two years.

Vegan Bake Sales Sweep Through D.C.

Three years ago, one local man had an idea for a vegan bake sale. Now, the idea has caught on, and a network of the sales around the world have raised thousands of dollars for animal rights.

Voters Head to Polls Tuesday In Crowded Race For D.C. Council Seat

Tomorrow, voters in D.C. will head to the polls to cast a ballot in a special election for the D.C. Council. The race to fill Council Chairman Kwame Brown’s former at-large seat has drawn a crowded field -- a handful of Democrats are running, as well as a Republican, an Independent, and a D.C. Statehood Green candidate.

Video: Interview With Reporters On Childhood Obesity Series

WAMU education reporter Kavitha Cardoza and co-producer Ginger Moored reflect on what they learned from their five-part childhood obesity series.