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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Montgomery County Police Begin Body-Camera Pilot Program

Body cameras will soon be on a small number of police officers in Montgomery County.

High School Graduation Rates In D.C.: Inside The Numbers With Kavitha Cardoza

WAMU 88.5 special correspondent Kavitha Cardoza talks about D.C. public schools' graduation rates and her participation in NPR's recent project about graduation rates nationwide.

Silberberg Wins Alexandria Mayoral Primary Over Euille And Donley

The current vice mayor scored an upset over the mayor and a former mayor.

'Symphony In DC Major' An Experiential Homage To African American Figures

Coming to the Shaw neighborhood this week: a block-long piece of artwork by sculptor Zachary Oxman which has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.

D.C. Cab Companies Struggle To Meet Wheelchair-Accessible Deadline

Six percent of D.C.'s taxi fleet is supposed to be wheelchair-accessible by June 29, but many companies are struggling to meet the deadline, leaving disability rights advocates frustrated.

Impending Stadium Deal Will Keep D.C. United In The District

After flirting with the ideal of moving to Virginia, a deal has reportedly been finalized to build a new soccer stadium for D.C. United at Buzzard Point.

Numbers Show Racial Disparities Between Maryland Population, Police Forces

In the wake of the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray in the custody of police, legislators are looking at the racial makeup of the state's police forces with renewed scrutiny.

Popped: D.C. Restricts Pop-Ups, Condo Conversions In Residential Neighborhoods

They've been called "monstrosities" and compared to extended middle fingers, but now pop-ups — the practice of adding extra stories to single-family homes — will be far less common in certain residential neighborhoods across the District.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Graduation Gowns Are Ditching The Gender Binary At Some Maryland Schools

In Montgomery County, Maryland, several high schools are changing the colors of their graduation gowns as part of the shifting cultural norms around gender identity.

Maryland Lawmakers Discuss Cop Accountability, But Will Reforms Follow?

Maryland lawmakers convened the first meeting of a work group that will look at police accountability while the General Assembly is out of session.

Five Key Races On The Ballot In Virginia

Voters in Virginia head to the polls on Tuesday to cast ballots in the commonwealth's primaries. Here are five key races worth watching.

Inside Baltimore's Washington Monument: Tiny Books, Prized Declarations

The chairman of the restoration committee for the monument talks about what historians found inside long-lost time capsules from 1815 and 1915.

Work Group Of Legislators To Tackle Maryland Police Accountability

Maryland's legislature doesn't mean again until next January, but in the wake of the investigation into the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray in police custody, legislators will look into police accountability issues.

As Legal Fight Continues, D.C. Sees Spike In Concealed Carry Applications

In the first seven months since D.C. legalized concealed carry, the city got 109 permit applications. Since a mid-May ruling that tossed out a key part of the law, there have been 49 additional applications.

Taxi Regulations, E-Hail App Targeted By Montgomery County Council

With the state of Maryland taking responsibility for regulating ride-hailing, officials in Montgomery County are turning their transportation aspirations to reforming regulations for traditional taxicabs.