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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Why Do People Jump Metro Fare Gates? Because They Can

Metro says they will be stepping up police presence at some stations to curb assaults against employees — but will they address what is often the underlying issue: riders jumping the fare gates.

Washington Post Reporter Michael Fletcher Explains His Baltimore Essay

"It was only a matter of time before Baltimore exploded," the longtime resident of the city contends. WAMU 88.5's Elliott Francis talked to him about it.

New Commuter App Takes Holistic View: Money, Time, Health, Environment

CarFreeAtoZ.com, a creation of Arlington County Commuter Services, Mobility Lab, and the transit-tech firm Conveyal, is trying to get traffic-weary travelers to think more about what goes into their trips.

For Latinas, Seeking Help For Domestic Abuse Is Often A Matter Of Friends First

Distrust of legal systems often prompts Latina victims of domestic violence to start with friends when trying to address abuse at the hands of a partner, a new study finds.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Will Maryland Follow In D.C.'s Footsteps In Approving Recreational Pot Use?

For several legislative sessions in a row, Maryland lawmakers have approved marijuana-related bills. We'll explore what that trend means for the future.

D.C.'s Medical Marijuana Program Faces Surging Demand, Limited Supply

Now that D.C.'s medical marijuana program isn't as restricted as before, dispensaries say they're grappling with a major surge in demand.

D.C. Doctor Shares What She Tells Kids About Marijuana

Legalized marijuana has a way of making kids think it's safe — but medical professionals insist that its effects on developing brains can be significant.

An Uncomfortable Link Between Race And Marijuana Arrests In D.C.

African Americans are more likely to be arrested for pot possession — and less likely to play a role in the business of marijuana cultivation in the nation's capital. What does that say about D.C.?

Fake Weed, Real Danger: Poison Control Sees Spike In Calls For Synthetic Marijuana

It's now legal to own, smoke and grow marijuana in the District, but synthetic marijuana is still a problem, especially for local teens.

A Tale Of Two Cities: Federal Workers Left Out On Legal Pot

For many federal workers, marijuana use is still verboten, even though D.C.'s local laws allow for it. Might that be changing?

How Marijuana Defense Lawyers Helped Make Themselves Obsolete

Since D.C.'s decriminalization of marijuana use, attorneys say there aren't many pot defendants who need their services, and that's the way they like it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's Distracted Driving Awareness Month, And Virginia Wants Drivers To Put Down The Phone

It hasn't made many headlines, but it's National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and Virginia is announcing more than 24,000 crashes statewide last year were attributed to distracted drivers.

Expensive Campaign Season Begins in Virginia

"Most of the seats are already clearly Democratic or clearly Republican, the handful of seats that might flip get all the attention and all the money," says Stephen Farnsworth at the University of Mary Washington.

Confidential Reporting System Slowly Builds Trust Between Metro, Rail Workers

The hotline is helping to build trust between management and the transit system's largest labor union, according to both sides in the strained relationship.

Baltimore Orioles To Host Chicago White Sox With No Fans

It is believed to be the first game without fans in Major League Baseball's 145-season history.