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Friday, January 9, 2015

Dogs Rescued From 'Meat Farm' Moved To D.C. Shelters

Nearly two dozen dogs rescued from a "meat farm'' in South Korea are a step closer to finding safe homes here in the D.C. region.

Congress Could Consider Hiking Gas Tax, But Increase Remains Long Shot

With gas prices falling toward $2 a gallon, there is renewed interest on Capitol Hill in raising the federal gas tax. Still, the first increase since 1993 remains a long shot.

Warner And Kaine Become Key To Bipartisan Coalitions In U.S. Senate

Virginia’s two Democratic Senators are expected to hold a lot of sway as more moderate voices in the new Republican controlled Senate.

Fairfax County Struggles To Come Up With New Plan For Collecting Trash

Environmental advocates are calling for changes to how trash is collected in Fairfax County. But they're also learning that digging into the garbage can be difficult.

This Week On Metro Connection: The 51st State, Or The Last Colony?

Metro Connection marks the 40th anniversary of home rule in D.C. What's next in the push for voting rights and statehood?

'The State Of Statehood': A Metro Connection Audio Drama

How do you explain the D.C.-Congress relationship so the very youngest of Washingtonians will understand? We give it a try in Metro Connection's first ever audio play.

Does D.C. Have Home Rule Or 'Home Fool'?

Is D.C.'s current system of governance a compromise too far? Some statehood activists say yes. 

D.C.'s Reputation For Corruption Hurts The Push For Voting Rights, Some Say

The District's local leaders have faced a series of corruption scandals over the years. Does that hurt their efforts to get Congress to take the city seriously — and give it more freedom to run its own affairs?

Norton Reflects On The Frustrations Of Being A Non-Voting Member Of Congress

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has represented the District on Capitol Hill for 24 years, and her unique role comes with its own unique frustrations.

An Agitator For Statehood Calls On Citizens To Fight For Their Rights

There are few people who know the minutiae of D.C.'s fight for voting rights and statehood like political analyst Mark Plotkin. And he wants other citizens to start caring about the issue a whole lot more.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

D.C. Teacher Wins Milken Educator Award

Second-grade teacher Michelle Johnson is the only D.C. teacher to receive the Milken Educator Award this year.

Proposed Bill Would Double Renewable Energy Requirement In Maryland

The Maryland Clean Energy Advancement bill would force electricity suppliers in the state to provide 40 percent of their power from renewable sources by the year 2025.

D.C. Streetcar Involved In Another Fender Bender, Eighth So Far

D.C.'s new streetcar line hasn't opened to the public yet, but it was involved in another crash last night.

Washington's Olympic Hopes Dashed As Boston Chosen For 2024 Games Bid

The Washington region won't be getting the 2024 Summer Olympic Games after all.

A Long Day For Metro And Its Riders

The cold weather was tough on the Metro's rails and trains, and many riders were delayed this morning by the problems.