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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest

130 local bands tried out for NPR's national Tiny Desk Concert contest. These were the best submissions.

Twitter Briefly Blocks D.C.'s Free Condom Campaign From Buying Ad On Service

Millions of people use Twitter for 140-character bursts of news, opinion and insights, but last week there was something they wouldn't see: A local advertising campaign for a D.C. program that distributes millions of free condoms every year.

Virginia May Soon Expand Medical Marijuana Laws

The Virginia House of Delegates has given preliminary approval to legislation that would allow the use of certain oils derived from marijuana for medical purposes.

Fairfax Sheriff Declines To Offer Basic Information On Taser Death Of Inmate

A 37-year-old woman died in Fairfax County jail after being tasered, but details have not been forthcoming on the incident.

Vote Expected Tuesday On Montgomery County School Start Times

Studies show that students' academic performance can be negatively impacted by a lack of sleep — something Montgomery County is expected to address today.

Ban On Puppy Mills Expected To Pass Easily In Montgomery County

Those looking to pick up a puppy in Montgomery County in the near future will get their pick of shelter dogs, as lawmakers formally ban buying from "puppy mills."

Monday, February 9, 2015

Facing Congress, D.C. Council Backtracks On Pot Legalization Hearing

In something of a legislative and legal game of chicken, the D.C. Council squared off against Congress on Monday — and blinked.

Fairfax Inmate's Death After Tasering Prompts Investigation

The Fairfax County Police Department is launching an investigation into the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office because an inmate at the jail died after being hit by a taser stun gun.

Could Virginia Put A Stop To Gerrymandering?

Bills to stop gerrymandering are enjoying an unusual bout of success in Virginia's General Assembly this year. While most pundits still think they'll get shot down, the head of a political training center thinks there's momentum for reform.

Montgomery County Not Affected By Measles Outbreak — For Now

Having the 17th largest public school system in the country, Maryland's Montgomery County leads to a higher possibility of a case of measles just through sheer numbers. But that hasn't occurred yet.

D.C. Board Of Elections Audit Highlights Accessibility, Equipment Problems

An audit of the District's election on Nov. 4 found a number of problems, according to a new report, including outdated equipment and a lack of full accessibility for disabled voters.

After Railing Against Obstructionism, Senate Democrats Blocking DHS Funding

When the Democrats held a majority in Congress, they called GOP moves to block legislation obstructionism. Now that they're the minority party, they are doing much the same.

With New Facility And New Principal, Can Jefferson-Houston Turn A Corner?

The troubled Jefferson-Houston School in Alexandria has been a revolving door for administrators for the last decade, but there is hope now that with a new building and new principal, the ship can be righted.

D.C. Council Holding Public Hearing On Pot Legalization

A public hearing with the D.C. Council today will outline plans for the taxation and regulation of marijuana sales in the District.

Two Bills Out Of Montgomery County Could Test Hogan's Stance On New Taxes

Bills to raise taxes on cigarettes and to include hotel taxes for online travel booking sites have been introduced by a Montgomery County lawmaker, despite Gov. Larry Hogan's insistence that there be no new taxes passed in the state.