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Friday, October 24, 2014

A Holocaust Survivor Shares His Story, So That We Won't Forget

Robert Behr has told the tale of his time at a Nazi labor camp over and over again -- and says he'll continue to for as long as he can.

Bishop Founds New Maryland Church After Same-Sex Controversy In Michigan

After marrying a woman, Bishop Allyson Nelson Abrams left Michigan and founded a church in Maryland.

New D.C. Publishers Work To Give Haitian Children A Voice

We'll travel to Haiti with a D.C. publishing house that's bringing the voices of abused and neglected Haitian children to the forefront.

D.C.'s Arena Stage Marks 65 Years of Dramatic Devotion

As Arena Stage celebrates its 65th anniversary season, we hear from the artists who helped the pioneering company become a theatrical powerhouse.

The 'Delta Collection': Sneaking A Peak At The Library Of Congress' Erotica Stash

The Library of Congress holds a vast collection of reference materials and books, including plenty of erotica and pornography.

Capitol Hill Chorale Revives Lost Georgian Masterpiece

A composer's sacred liturgy honoring the Republic of Georgia’s musical heritage was lost for a century — until a local choir rediscovered it.

Ebola Researcher Says Vaccinology Isn't Rocket Science — It's Harder

A team at University of Maryland's School of Medicine was among several working on a vaccine for Ebola virus.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Number Of Unaccompanied Minors In D.C. Region Climbs To 7,000

The U.S. government has released more than 45,000 Central American children from detention centers, and thousands have been settled in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Early Voting Kicks Off In Maryland As Candidates Spar On Schools

As the statewide races build toward a climax, Marylanders looking to vote before Election Day can cast their ballots starting Thursday morning at locations throughout the state.

D.C. Among Most Improved In Energy Efficiency, According To Report

A new scorecard by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy ranks D.C. alongside three states as the most improved in terms of energy efficiency.

How One District School Is Tackling English Language Learning

Teaching students for whom English is a second language can be a challenge, but a specialized program at Cardozo Education Campus is making it work.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Should Cameras Be Allowed In Court For The Trial Of Charles Severance?

A coalition of media organizations, including WAMU 88.5 News, is advocating for cameras in the courtroom to cover the trial of Charles Severance, a former Alexandria resident who is charged in three high-profile murders.

D.C. Lays Out Rules For Applying For Concealed Carry Permits

D.C. will start taking applications for concealed carry permits on Thursday, and has published rules spelling out who is eligible to apply.

Delays Are Coming: DDOT Outlines Plans For 16th Street Bridge Replacement

The 30,000 or so cars and buses that travel over the 16th Street Bridge daily could be looking at delays of 15-30 minutes every day, beginning in February.

D.C. Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Student In Classroom

Symone Greene, 22, reportedly had sex with a student on her first day on the job at Options Public Charter school in Northeast D.C.