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Friday, April 18, 2014

D.C.'s Textile Museum Preps for Big Move (Originally Broadcast 02/28/2014)

Since 1925, the Textile Museum has been mending and preserving all sorts of textiles, and now it's getting ready for a big move across town.

Tiny Home Dwellers Challenge Conventional Wisdom on Comfortable Living (Originally Broadcast 11/22/2013)

D.C.'s fledging tiny home movement aims to prove that it's possible to live comfortably in modern, environmentally friendly, and ingeniously designed homes — each totaling about 200 square feet.

Adaptive Skiing Helps People with Injuries Stay Active (Originally Broadcast 02/28/2014)

We'll follow a group of "adaptive" skiers and hear out how they're still hitting the slopes, even after serious injuries.

In Love, Married — And Homeless (Originally Broadcast 02/14/2014)

We'll talk with Bryon and Davinia, a homeless couple who got married a year ago on Valentine's Day — and are still living on the streets.

This Week On Metro Connection: Hall Of Fame

From barrier islands to bluegrass music, we'll revisit some of our favorite recent stories on this week's show.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

D.C. Could Hit 880,000 Residents By 2040, A Number Not Seen Since 1950

The population of the District of Columbia is expected to reach 880,000 people by 2040, a level it has not seen since 1950.

Parents At High-Performing D.C. High School Criticize Merger With Other School

Many parents whose children attend the high-achieving School Without Walls High School in Northwest D.C. say the merger with another neighborhood school is not working.

Street Smart Campaign Seeks To Promote Safety For Pedestrians And Cyclists

Officials from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia are launching an effort to help improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists in the region.

Virginia Is For Lovers... Of Farmers' Markets

Virginia's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says the state has more than 240 farmers' markets statewide, a 180 percent increase since 2006.

D.C. Council Sues Gray Over Budget Autonomy Referendum

A conflict between the D.C. Council and Mayor Vincent Gray over whether or not the city now enjoys budget autonomy is heading to court, and a ruling could have an impact on how this year's budget process plays out.

Two Men Believed To Be Homeless Found Dead By D.C. Freeway

D.C. police say the bodies of two men were found about 50 feet apart by Interstate 295 in Southeast Washington, but there is no sign of foul play.

With Work Still Left To Be Done, Silver Line Director Leaves Post

Silver Line project director Pat Nowakowski is leaving for another transit agency, though he didn't say which one.

D.C. Considering Toll Lanes On 14th Street Bridge

Though years away, the proposal would start with carpool lanes and expand to include toll lanes on one of the busiest bridges crossing the Potomac.

D.C. Restaurant Owner And Son Plead Guilty To Bribing Taxicab Official

A restaurant owner in the District and his son are pleading guilty to making illegal payments to the head of the city's taxicab commission.

Virginia Democrats Looking To Replace Moran Rake In Big Bucks

The race to fill the seat being vacated by Rep. Jim Moran has opened the door to an epic primary season that has 10 Democrats fighting for the seat and raising scads of money to do so.