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Friday, January 30, 2015

Rabbi Accused Of Voyeurism Refuses To Leave Synagogue-Owned Home

In an email to congregants, the president of Kesher Israel says the congregation's former rabbi Barry Freundel has no plans to leave the house, and efforts to resolve the issue informally have been unsuccessful.

Krupicka Wants Landlords To Be More Transparent About Mold

The Northern Virginia delegate has introduced legislation to make sure renters have access to information about mold.

Norton Introduces Bill That Would Eliminate Congressional Approval Of D.C. Budget

With Republicans now in charge at the Capitol, you wouldn't think Norton would be optimistic about the chances of passing budget autonomy. But the D.C. representative sees a silver lining in this newly divided government.

Maryland Gets A Lesson In Marijuana Legalization From Colorado And Washington State

Supporters of legalizing marijuana in Maryland got a boost Friday from officials in the first two U.S. states where voters chose to legalize the drug.

The Bounce: The Week In Music News From WAMU's Bandwidth

Tom Petty gets a piece of Sam Smith's pie, Blink-182's soap opera hits a climax, and we get a deep dive into how the D.C. Record Fair came to be.

Family Of Metro Victim Sues Transit Agency For $50 Million

The family of the Alexandria woman who died on the Yellow Line under L'Enfant Plaza on January 12 is suing Metro for $50 million.

McDonnell Hopeful That Conviction Could Be Overturned, Says Priest

Bob McDonnell's priest says the former Virginia governor is hopeful that an appeals court will overturn his conviction for public corruption.

Maryland Pols To Get Pot Legalization Briefing From States That Have Legalized

It's a big morning for supporters of legalizing marijuana in Maryland as officials from the first two states to do so will brief lawmakers in Annapolis on how it has gone.

With Cold Weather Comes Additional Commuting Challenge: Cracked Metro Rails

The cold weather has not been kind to Metro this month, with dropping temperatures are being blamed for several cracked or broken rails that have disrupted commutes.

Virginia Republicans Put Up Stiff Opposition To Gun Control Measures

As Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe makes a pushes for tougher gun control measures, Republicans in Richmond are fighting back.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Uber And Lyft Need Same Regulations As Taxis, Say Virginia Cab Drivers

Hundreds of Virginia taxicab drivers visited Richmond on Thursday to voice support for treating Uber and Lyft the same way Virginia treats traditional cabs.

Despite Republican Opposition, Carper Plans To Re-Introduce D.C. Statehood Bill

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) plans to re-introduce a bill that would grant the District statehood, even though it has little to no chance of making it through the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate.

Bowser Trims Salaries For Senior D.C. Staff; Still Well Above National Averages

Compared to the average salary pulled in by senior city officials across the country, D.C. pays quite well, but Muriel Bowser has actually trimmed the city payroll.

VDOT Holding First Of Many Public Meetings On I-66 Expansion

If you want to weigh in on VDOT's plan to expand I-66 with toll lanes by 2017, the first of several public meetings is being held Thursday night.

Maryland Budget Cuts Would Hit Black Residents Harder, Lawmakers Say

Members of The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland want to sit down with Gov. Larry Hogan because they see looming budget cuts as disproportionately affecting black constituents.