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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dam Safety Awareness Day Marked In Montgomery County

It was Dam Safety Awareness Day in Montgomery County, and officials in Maryland are remembering a time just five years ago when they had a close call with the Lake Needwood Dam.

Feds Crack Down On East Coast Bus Services

Of the scores of low-cost bus services offering cheap fares up and down the east coast, 26 were recently shut down by federal authorities for safety violations.

Advocates Push For Improved Safety Standards In Transportation Bill

With the summer driving season upon us, highway safety advocates are calling for Congress to include improved safety standards into the transportation re-authorization being considered in the Senate.

MPD Chief Says 'File Burn' Was Routine

A so-called "file burn" of fire and police personnel records earlier this month prompted calls for an internal investigation, but Chief Cathy Lanier says the practice is common and the files burned were of no consequence.

Rock Creek Park Deer Population To Be Culled

From a population of just four half a century ago, the Rock Creek Park deer population has exploded into the hundreds. Park officials have announced plans to thin their numbers.

Fairfax Boy Advances In Spelling Bee Semifinals

A 10-year-old from Fairfax has advanced to National Spelling Bee's semifinals, and will find out tonight if he will be the $30,000 winner.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Remembering 'Jim Dandy'

We remember Jim Dandy, a 97-year-old Silver Spring dry cleaner who died after a lifetime of providing Silver Spring customers with clean clothing... and healthy doses of advice.

D.C. Museum Uses Art To Help Alzheimer's Patients

The Kreeger Museum in D.C. pairs dementia patients and their caregivers with middle-school students to enjoy art.

Chronic Absenteeism: Public School's Forgotten Problem?

A new study says more than 7.5 million American students are missing substantial amounts of school each year.

From A to B: Construction Crews Preserve Georgetown, One Stone at a Time

We dig in to Georgetown's past, as construction crews replace the stones and trolley lines in the neighborhood's historic O and P Streets.

A Palisades Man Digs Up Neighborhood's Early History

A Palisades man is recovering his neighborhood's early history - one pottery shard and spear point at a time.

Virtual Architectural Archaeology Brings D.C. Buildings Back to Life

An archaeologist-turned-architectural-historian is bringing old D.C. buildings back to life using computer models.

D.C. Gigs: Bugler Honors the Fallen

In this month's edition of D.C. Gigs, we meet a bugler who plays "Taps" at the funerals of the fallen at Arlington National Cemetery.

After 26 Years, The Normal Heart Finally Beats In D.C.

Twenty-six years after Larry Kramer wrote The Normal Heart to draw attention to the growing HIV/AIDS crisis, his play is getting its first professional production in his native city.

This Week On Metro Connection: Remembering & Forgetting

We focus on "Remembering and Forgetting" this week—from deeply personal stories to the collective memories held by residents of entire neighborhoods.