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Sunday, June 10, 2012

UVA President Teresa Sullivan Steps Down

University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan is leaving her position, effective Aug. 15.

Former First Ladies Honored At Archives

The National Archives is honoring two former first ladies on their 100th birthdays.

Construction Plans Set To Improve U Street

Washington's popular U Street will soon become a construction zone.

D.C. Students Learn Value Of Composting

Some students say a new composting program at D.C. schools is helping transform yesterday's trash into a greener future.

Alexandria Primary Election Heats Up

This Tuesday, voters will be busy with primaries for the United States House and Senate, but one election in Alexandria may be the hottest race on the ballot.

Fatalities Rise On Coastal Highway

Ocean City police are warning pedestrians about the dangers of crossing Coastal Highway.

Coal Ash Provision Stalls Transportation Bill

The transportation bill is vital for projects throughout the region, but it's been held up on Capitol Hill because of the Republican's coal ash provision.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Conservationists Use Recorded Bird Calls To Attract Other Birds

Conservationists in Maryland hope to attract endangered birds back to the eroding Skimmer Island with recorded bird calls.

Maryland Officials Look To Ban Baby Bumper Pads

Maryland health officials have concluded the risks of baby bumper pads to infants outweigh the potential benefits.

Friday, June 8, 2012

O'Malley: Wisc. Recall Defeat Doesn't Affect Presidential Election

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley dismissed the notion that the victory for Republican governor Scott Walker had any implications for the presidential election.

Thunderbirds To Headline Ocean City Air Show

Soaring above the skies of Ocean City this weekend will be the Thunderbirds — six airmen in F-16s who still get as much of a rush out of the spectacle as the people for whom they perform.

Commentary: Council Corruption Should Not Impede D.C. Rights

Corruption within the D.C. Council should not affect the push for greater autonomy at home and representation in Congress, says Ilir Zherka of the group DC Vote.

Analysis: House May Cut Its Own Staffs, Budgets

Deep cuts could be coming to the offices of the House leadership and committees under a bill currently under consideration in Congress. 

Analysis: D.C. Council Regroups, While Silver Line Project Drops PLA

Phil Mendelson and Vincent Orange are seeking interim D.C. Council Chairman seat. Washington Post columnist Bob McCartney talks Kwame and Silver Line as well.

Only Yellow Line Escapes Weekend Track Work

Track work will snag the Blue, Orange, Green and Red Lines this weekend, so be prepared to add at least 20 minutes to your travel times on anything other than the Yellow.