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Friday, July 3, 2015

After Hogan's 'Yes,' Hard Work On Purple Line Begins: Bringing Down The Cost

Leaders in Montgomery and Prince George's counties have received a list of proposed changes to the Purple Line that would bring down the cost of the project. But don't expect any quick decisions on them.

Metro Connection: July 3, 2015

We'll follow efforts to save one of Virginia's most endangered places, and visit a D.C. school with an ambitious goal: to create a model for educating city kids and erasing the achievement gap.

As D.C.'s Cost Of Living Rises, So Does Hunger Among Seniors

City officials are playing catch-up as the number of low-income seniors in D.C. continues to climb.

Clips: Where WAMU's Velvety-Voiced Talk-Show Host Gets His Shave-And-A-Haircut

As we continue our exploration of D.C.'s barber shop, we visit Kojo Nnamdi's longtime haunt in Park View.

How Gordonsville, Virginia Became The 'Fried Chicken Capital of the World'

After the Civil War, a group of black women in Gordonsville, Va. supported themselves by peddling fried chicken to train passengers passing through their town.

Bookend: Author Mary Amato And The Changing World of Children's Literature

Author Mary Amato shares what it's like to pen prose for the younger set.

'Portal': A Shipping Container-Turned-Art Project Connecting People Across the Globe

When is a shipping container not just a shipping container? When it's also a public art project designed to spark conversations among people around the world.

Montgomery County Looks To Crack Down On Predatory Tow Trucks

Tow truck scammers, beware: Montgomery County is looking to crack down on you.

Endangered Port Royal, Va. Fights To Keep Itself From History's Dustbin

In colonial times, Port Royal, Va. was a thriving port town. Now, it's fighting for its very survival.

D.C. Charter School Uses Tough Love To Erase Achievement Gap

If you set the bar high, can you erase the achievement gap in American schools? We'll talk with the first graduates of a D.C. charter school that's trying to do just that.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

With Leggett's Signature, Paid Sick Leave Comes To Montgomery County

Montgomery County lawmakers officially signed mandatory paid leave into law on Thursday afternoon, though it does not kick in until October.

Donald Trump Connection Leaves Chef José Andrés With Questions To Answer

The famous developer's new luxury hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue will feature a flagship restaurant by the superchef. Some activists say that Andrés should rethink the deal with Trump, who is facing a big backlash against comments he made about Mexicans.

Listen: News Conference On The Washington Navy Yard Incident

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser; Vice Adm. Dixon Smith, the commander of Navy Installations Command; and D.C. police Chief Cathy Lanier take questions.

Which Peruvian Artists To See At The Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Susana Baca,. Los Wembler’s de Iquitos and more suggestions from WAMU 88.5's Bandwidth.fm music site.

After Massive Response At Navy Yard, Police Say No Evidence Of A Shooter Found

Authorities received an alert about a potential shooter, which triggered a large response in keeping with protocols established after the 2013 massacre at the facility, officials said.