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Friday, May 8, 2015

Why Some Lawmakers Want To Cool Off National Airport's Growth

Roll Call columnist David Hawkings explains an effort by Northern Virginia's delegation to ensure that Congress doesn't exacerbate the imbalance between the region's two big airports.

Privacy A Major Issue In D.C.'s Discussion Of Police-Worn Body Cameras

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said the technology to remove personal information from body-camera footage isn't there yet, and protecting privacy while complying with FOIA laws would take resources the department doesn't have.

Fairfax County School Board Adds Protections For Transgender People

After an acrimonious debate that lasted hours, the Fairfax County School Board voted to added transgender people to the policy that protects students and staff from discrimination.

E-Cigarette Tax In Montgomery County Could Come Sooner Rather Than Later

Legislators in Montgomery County held a hearing and committee meeting this week on a bill that would impose excise taxes on e-cigarettes, putting them on par with traditional tobacco products.

Loudoun County Leads Region in Gender Income Inequality

Men make more money than women. But where is the disparity the greatest? Census records show it's Loudoun County, Virginia.

This Week On Metro Connection: Wild Cards

From astronomers to female barbers to a dominatrix in D.C., we'll step aside from our usual thematic approach to bring you one of our Wild Cards show.

Door To Door: Tantallon, Maryland, And Congress Heights, D.C.

It's our ongoing journey around the region. This time, we'll visit Tantallon, Md. and the Congress Heights neighborhood of Southeast D.C.

Mother Of Hubble Telescope Marks 25 Years Of Exploration

Most people have seen the images sent back to Earth by the Hubble telescope. But not everyone knows the woman behind that groundbreaking instrument.

'Flipped Off': How D.C. Homebuyers Get Scammed By Developers Who Cut Corners

D.C.'s hot real estate market has plenty of winners — and losers. Including people who purchase shoddily renovated homes.

Bookend: How Life In Washington Fostered A Book About Detroit

In our ongoing series about Washington's literary scene, we talk with debut novelist Angela Flournoy about her book The Turner House.

Baltimore Residents Say Wall-To-Wall Media Coverage Missed The Real Story

Baltimore has been all over the news during the past few weeks. But some residents say the media focused too much on the rioting and not enough on the societal problems behind the unrest.

'Ladies Of Life' Confront Depression Among D.C.'s African-American Women

Tempie Satcher-Ducosin says she couldn't stand by after two women she knew killed themselves. So she created a support group to help African-American women support each other through their struggles.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

In Wake Of Freddie Gray's Death, D.C. Reviewing Police Use Of Force

The District of Columbia is reviewing its police department's use of force policies, some 15 years after major reforms initiated by the Justice Department.

Fairfax County School Board Weighing Whether To Include Gender Identity In Nondiscrimination Policy

The proposal before the Fairfax County school board would extend discrimination protection to transgender students, teachers and staffers. It comes in the wake of an opinion by Virginia's Attorney General Mark Herring that school boards can include sexual orientation and gender identity in their nondiscrimination policies.

D.C. Files Suit Against Virginia Couple Over Shoddy House Renovations

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine says a Virginia couple broke D.C. laws in renovating and selling over a dozen homes without proper permits or inspections.