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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Schools Try To Improve Pedestrian Safety

Superintendent walking across street with students

About one-third of the students who go to public school in Montgomery County walk to class every day. It's a number school officials and county leaders would like to see increase, but they face an uphill battle, considering it isn't always safe to be a pedestrian in the county.

Occupy DC Turned Away From Newseum

Occupy DC protester with sign reading 'The other 99 %, I don't have a lobbyist.'

More than 50 Occupy DC protesters tried to make their point at the Washington Ideas Forum Wednesday night, only to be rebuffed by event security. 

'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, Oct. 6

Norman live actors

The work of Norman McLaren realized on stage, Poe’s Nevermore and a Ponca Festival. 

Greener Infrastructure Manages Stormwater In D.C.


More green trees and grass in D.C. might seem like an aesthetic addition, but in SE D.C., these additions are an important part of a new strategy to retain stormwater.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Athletes Look Back At 50 Years Of RFK

rfk stadium

RFK stadium turned 50 over the weekend -- many of the athletes who made the venue recall their time there fondly.

Legionnaires Disease Confirmed at Ocean City Hotel

Three cases of Legionnaires disease have shut down an Ocean City, Md. hotel weeks earlier than they had planned.

Landscaping Contracts Spurs Controversy In D.C.

lawn mower

Mayor Vincent Gray is incensed at the controversy surrounding his choice to choose a D.C.-based landscaping  company to cut the city's grass.

Washington Monument Climbers Finish Up

washington monument climber

The engineers that have captivated the D.C. region by rappelling outside of the Washington Monument wrapped up their inspection for earthquake damage on Wednesday.

Verdict Is Murder For Va. Grandmother

carmela dela rosa

A jury has found 50-year-old Carmela dela Rosa guilty of first degree murder for dropping her 2-year-old granddaughter off a pedestrian bridge near Tysons Corner Mall.

Dominion Offers Discount To Electric Car Owners

tesla roadster

Owners of electric cars will get a break from Dominion Power when they plug in their rides during non-peak hours.

Not Expecting Much From Deficit Super Committee

u.s. capitol building

National Journal Daily's Matthew Cooper doesn't think the deficit-cutting super committee will get the job done, nor does he think the fallout would be as bad as people think.

The Hill: Senate Votes On Obama's Jobs Bill, Bernanke On Capitol Hill

President Obama's jobs bill was put to an early test int eh Senate this week as Republicans forced a vote on the measure. 

National Cathedral Repairs To Cost $25M

Officials at the National Cathedral now say it will cost upwards of $25 million to repair the damage caused by the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the region in August. 

DHS Chief Defends Immigration Policies

janet napolitano

Amid growing controversy over Alabama's recently-passed immigration law, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano reinforced her department's position on immigration.

Virginia Gov. Calls For 'Reason' In Offshore Drilling Regulation

Gov. Bob McDonnell

Lawmakers from the Southern States Energy Board met in Alexandria this week, and many of them lamented the increased regulations the Obama administration has imposed on energy companies during the economic downturn.