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Friday, February 13, 2015

A Chance Encounter In The Friendly Skies Leads To Lasting Love

Justina and Matt were seated next to each other on a plane ride overseas. The rest is history.

Meet The Ladies Of D.C.'s Ultimate Frisbee Championship-Winning Team

Ultimate Frisbee isn't just a hobby for the ladies of Scandal — the District's women's team — as they have traveled the country and the world, twice nabbing the national championship title.

'Granny And The Boys' Get Funky As D.C.'s Most Unexpected House Band

Octogenarian Alice Donahue might not be the first person you'd expect to see leading a funk band at a hipster dive bar in D.C.

Bookend: Pediatrician Follows Her Passion For Storytelling

Nadia Hashimi took a break from her career as a pediatrician to follow her passion for writing.

A Case Of Mistaken Identity Leads To Love And Marriage

If you accidentally asked out the wrong person, how would you handle the situation?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bowser Rolls Out Plan To Connect Homeless To Housing More Quickly

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser will hire four "housing navigators" who will be tasked with matching homeless families to housing units, a move that homeless advocates said was a step in the right direction.

'Healthy Dialogue' Needed On Race And Law Enforcement, Says FBI Head

The head of the FBI spoke at Georgetown University Thursday about one of the thorniest and pressing issues of the day: the relationship between law enforcement and minority communities.

Maryland Roads Are No Place For Horse Meat, Delegate Says

Del. Jeff Waldstreicher says carcasses of dead horses are being transported on Maryland roads bound for slaughterhouses in both Canada and Mexico, and he wants to stop it.

The Tiny Desk Contest Winner Is ...

NPR Music chose Fantastic Negrito, "a singer from Oakland with a passion that felt undeniable."

What's The Best Music Merch In D.C.?

WAMU's Bandwidth site looks at some of the more interesting items that D.C. musicians hawk at the "merch" table.

Budget Squeeze Puts Metro On A Path To Raise Fares Early

The transit agency usually proposes hikes every other year, but a 10-cent increase could be in the works this year, ahead of schedule.

Uber, Lyft Would Face Taxi-Style Rules In Virginia Under New Legislation

The ride-hailing legislation would "ensure the safety of passengers, drivers, the public, provide citizens for transportation options, and provide access for new businesses," says its House sponsor.

Art Beat With Lauren Landau, Feb. 12, 2015

You can see an opera about a famous femme fatale or check out an Irish-American band that isn’t afraid to make a statement.

Metro Takes More Heat From Investigators, This Time Over Ventilation Procedures

The transit agency had its claims of an improved safety culture undermined again on Wednesday when federal investigators disclosed another failure related to the fatal smoke incident on Jan. 12.

Proposal To Tax Online Hotel Bookings Hits Resistance From Travel Industry

The proposal by a Democratic state senator would apply Maryland's sales and use tax to hotel bookings made through online travel sites.