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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

D.C. To Study Whether To Allow Private Pot Clubs

Should D.C. allow private clubs where people can gather to use marijuana? A seven-person task force will explore the idea.

Democrats Look For A Different Hogan In Governor's State Of The State Speech

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan will deliver his State of the State address Wednesday afternoon to the General Assembly in Annapolis, and the state's Democratic lawmakers say they're hoping this speech is not a repeat of last year's.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Helen Hayes Awards, The Tonys Of D.C. Theater, Announce Nominations

The small troupe Constellation Theatre Company racked up more than two dozen nominations for its popular production of the raunchy "Avenue Q."

Transportation Secretary May Bring Sweeping Change To Metro Board

A week after the politically divided board elected a new chairman, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said he expects by the end of the month to announce whether and when he will begin replacing the board's four federal appointees.

Could Uber Be MetroAccess Alternative? Montgomery Co. Coalition Opposes Idea

Metro is looking for cheaper alternatives to MetroAccess service in Montgomery County, but many, including disability rights activists, want to avoid ride-hailing apps like Uber because of their poor track record serving people with disabilities.

Terminal Patients Push For 'Right To Try' In Maryland

Patients facing the end of life want to the ability to take experimental drugs that don't yet have the approval of the FDA — part of a national movement called the "Right To Try."

Monday, February 1, 2016

D.C. Shadow Senator On How Iowa Could Help With D.C. Statehood

The delegation is hoping to convince local caucuses to make D.C. statehood part of the parties platforms at their national conventions in summer.

Wheelchair Users Say They Are Forgotten In Blizzard Cleanup Efforts

January's blizzard kept everybody indoors for several days last week, but as the rest of the region digs out, wheelchair-bound residents of the District say the cleanup left them behind.

What Business Do D.C.’s Elected Officials Have Going To The Iowa Caucuses?

Most Washington residents will be observing the Iowa caucuses from afar, but a group of public officials from the District are traveling there to generate support for D.C. statehood: Sens. Michael Brown and Paul Strauss and Rep. Franklin Garcia.

What Is The Future Of The State Song 'Maryland, My Maryland?'

For 75 years, Maryland's state song has referred to Abraham Lincoln as a tyrant and Union troops as "scum." As the national conversation has turned against symbols of the Confederacy, lawmakers are debating what should happen to "Maryland, My Maryland."

Car-Title Reform In Virginia Moves Forward Despite Informal Compromise

Virginia Senate Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw outlined a deal he crafted with two of the commonwealth's most prominent car-title lenders last week, but that hasn't stopped other lawmakers for continuing to push for regulations.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Delays To Watkins Mill Interchange Could Hurt Development, Leaders Say

Montgomery County leaders are decrying the delay of a project that would have added an interchange along I-270 in Gaithersburg. They're concerned the move will kill hundreds of millions of dollars in development currently taking place in that area.

Rosebud Film Festival Shows Off D.C. Region's Filmmakers

Local independent filmmakers show off their work Saturday during a film festival at the Naval Heritage Center in D.C.

D.C. Judge Shoots Down Public Vote On $15 Minimum Wage

A D.C. judge on Friday ruled that an effort for a public vote on raising the minimum wage to $15 cannot be placed on the November ballot, handing a temporary victory to business leaders who say a wage that high would at best limit hiring and at worst drive businesses out of the city.

Virginia Democrats Cut A Deal With Republicans On Gun Safety

Thanks to an executive order, Virginia Democrats gained new leverage in the commonwealth's fractious gun debate.