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Friday, January 23, 2015

This Week On Metro Connection: Second Chances

We'll bring you stories about "Second Chances" this week — from choosing a new path after you lose a job to recovering from a serious injury, to rebuilding your life after war.

From Felony To A Future: D.C. Man Works To Find A New Path In Life

Robert Barksdale was 16 years old when he was charged with armed robbery. Today, he says he's on a better path in life.

How Virginia Is Using Composting To Take Care Of Their Roadkill Problem

Virginia has launched a pilot program to turn the many animals left dead on the commonwealth's roadsides into nutritious mulch

A D.C. Teen's Tale of Self-Cutting and Recovery

It’s a discovery no parent wants to make: your teenage daughter is dealing with her pain and frustration by cutting herself.

Northern Virginia Student Achieves Goal Of Walking Again After Spinal Cord Injury

Several years ago, teenager Nick Balenger suffered a spinal cord injury while swimming. Today, he's walking again.

Former Congressman Reflects On Politics And The Pursuit Of One's Passions

Wayne Gilchrist runs an outdoor education center on Maryland's Eastern Shore. You might call this his second chance — or maybe his third or fourth chance.

The Surprising Twists And Turns Of A Life Upended By WWII

Margit Meissner had to leave behind everything she knew when the Nazis annexed Austria. But the life she's lived since has been full of adventure, and she gets to impart the lessons she's learned as a guide at the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Metro, D.C. Fire Spar Over Radio Breakdown During L'Enfant Incident

The latest in the ongoing investigation into a fatal smoke incident at the L'Enfant Plaza Metro hinges on why firefighters' radios were not functioning.

Hogan's First Budget Includes Spending Cuts, But Promised Tax Cuts Left Out

On the job for only 24 hours, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan released his first budget — and it included promised cuts in spending, but not on taxes.

Listen To A Holocaust Survivor Explain How She Outran The Nazis On A Bicycle

Buying a bike can dramatically change the way you exercise and commute, but few bicycle purchases have proved as prophetically helpful as one Holocaust survivor who escaped the Nazi advance into Paris on two wheels.

In Wake Of Metro Incident, Bowser Revisits Encryption Of Firefighter Radios

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser says the city is reviewing the decision to encrypt the radios used by Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

Joe Morrissey And 'The No. 1 Lesson Of Politics'

A law school professor weighs in on the potential future of the jailed — but re-elected — state lawmaker, who is now facing new felony charges.

Essay Instead Of A Test? Va. Lawmakers Reconsider Graduation Requirements

The question at the heart of a debate in the General Assembly: How many standardized tests does a high school student need to pass to graduate?

Program For Black And Latino Boys Announced By D.C. Leaders

Mayor Muriel Bowser and Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson say it will help address the achievement gap between minority and white students.

Metro Smoke Incident Briefing Prompts Questions About Radios, Ventilation

The D.C. area's congressional delegation heard from investigators, and the lawmakers emerged with concerns about firefighter communications and air control in the Yellow Line tunnel.