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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Montgomery County Tightens Laws On E-Cigarettes

The measure not only bans use of the devices in public, but it's also intended to clamp down on use by minors, period.

Mixed Grades For Virginia's Ethics Overhaul

The last-minute compromise was designed to pass in the General Assembly, but it wasn't built to please everybody.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Only Days After Legalizing Marijuana, D.C. Bans Cannabis Clubs

Marijuana may now be legal in D.C., but city leaders want residents to know that the only place to smoke is in their homes.

D.C. Council Struggles With How To Respond To Congress Over Pot Legalization

Members of the D.C. Council were divided today over how to respond to a congressional request for information about a February debate on a bill that would legalize, tax and regulate the sales of marijuana in the city.

A D.C. Man Walks Into A Police Station And Asks For Marijuana... And Gets It

One D.C. resident recently walked into a police station and asked for his marijuana to be returned to him, a right afforded to all residents under a new marijuana legalization law.

For 'Senator Barb' And Maryland Politicians, The Future Is Wide Open

Sen. Barbara Mikulski hasn't made any plans yet for what she'll be doing in 2017. Meanwhile, Maryland's Republicans see an opportunity, and Democrats see a chance to reassert their dominance in the state.

Prince George's County Opening Special Schools For English Language Learners

Prince George's County is opening two new schools this year for the burgeoning population of immigrant students with limited English skills. But some critics question whether these schools are either legal or fair.

New Goal Set For D.C.: Totally Eliminate Pedestrian Deaths

The Bowser administration will adopt Vision Zero — a program designed to assess street redesigns and other issues with the goal of totally making the city safe for pedestrians.

Fairfax County Sheriff's Office Refuses To Turn Over Video Of Tasing Incident

Why is the Fairfax County Sheriff's office withholding video footage of a fatal incident involving a Fairfax County Sheriff's deputy Tasing an inmate?

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Year After Relisha Rudd Went Missing, D.C. Police Again Ask Public For Help

D.C. officials are again asking the public for help in finding Relisha Rudd, the nine-year-old D.C. girl who was taken from a homeless shelter last year.

Bowser Picks Former Seattle Fire Chief To Head D.C. Fire And EMS Department

Gregory Dean was a member of the Seattle Fire Department for 44 years, the last decade as its chief. Then he retired, but his retirement did not last long.

With Legalization The Reality In D.C., A New Seed Is Planted: Cannabis Capitalism

Marijuana is now legal in D.C., which means that someone is going to try to make money off of it.

Judge Orders D.C. To Pay $9.2 Million For Wrongful Conviction

The D.C. government has been ordered to pay more than $9 million to Kirk Odom, a District man wrongly imprisoned for more than two decades.

Maryland's Barbara Mikulski To Retire From The U.S. Senate

Senator Barbara Mikulski, the longest-serving woman in Congressional history will retire when her fifth term in the Senate is up.

New Escalator At Dupont Circle South Already Undergoing Major Repair

Metro spent nine months and $12 million rebuilding the escalators at Dupont Circle South. So riders are asking themselves: why is one of those escalators broken already?