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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Transgender Issues In The D.C. Area

WAMU 88.5's Armando Trull takes a look at a series of crimes against transgender individuals in and around D.C., and provides a look what activists and leaders are doing to call attention to discrimination and mistreatment of transgender men and women.

The Heavy Burden Of Obesity

In this 5-part series, WAMU 88.5's Kavitha Cardoza explores the growing trend of of childhood obesity.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Metro Track Work Closes Two Red Line Stations

Metro's continuing track work will close two Red Line stations this weekend.

NPS Orders Occupy DC Protesters To Stop Camping

The National Park Service has ordered Occupy DC protesters to stop camping at the parks by Monday, or risk arrest.

Brittany Norwood Sentenced To Life Without Parole

The woman charged with the gruesome killing of her co-worker at an upscale yoga shop in Bethesda has been convicted with life without parole.

R Paul Smith Power Plant To Close

One of the first coal-fired power plants to close in a generation will be shutting down this year in Maryland.

Body Found In Prince George's County Well

Investigations for the dead body that was discovered in a 20-foot well in Fort Washington are still on-going.

GRAPHIC: D.C. High School Graduation Rates By School

The graduation rates of the public schools in the district vary widely, and those rates are expected to change when the District begins using the new, federally mandated graduation calculation.

WaPo's McCartney: Occupy DC May Be Kicked Out, Kings Dominion Wins In Va.

Occupy DC gets a final warning to pack up camp, and the Virginia legislature shoots down a repeal of the "Kings Dominion law." 

CQ Roll Call: Gingrich's Congressional Record, Weighing STOCK Act


As former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has picked up support among Republican primary voters in recent weeks, his record in Congress has come under more scrutiny.


Brittany Norwood Sentencing Scheduled For Today

Brittany Norwood, the woman convicted of murdering her coworker at Lululemon in Bethesda, will be sentenced today.

D.C. Ticket Amnesty Program Ends Today

Today's the last day to pay old parking and traffic tickets you received in D.C. before 2010. The city's ticket amnesty program has already yielded the District government $3.5 million in back payments.

Virginia Settles Disabled Housing Case With DOJ

After a settlement deal with the Department of Justice, Virginia will close four of its five institutions for developmentally disabled people in order ot focus on more community-based services. 

D.C. Council Rethinking Online Gambling Provision

Some members of the D.C. Council are calling for a vote on the District's online gambling policy, which was implemented in the District's budget in 2010.

Potomac Residents Seeking Answers To Deer Problem

Potomac residents say the deer situation in Montgomery County has gotten out of control, and they're asking the county council to approve more controlled hunts to eliminate the animals.