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Friday, January 20, 2012

Virginia Lawmakers Toughen Penalties For Violent Offenders

Virginia governor Bob McDonnell is pushing for tougher penalties, and more enforcement tools, to curtail the activities of violent offenders in the state.

Scientists Say Amphibian Die-Offs Hit Area Years Ago

slimy salamander

A fungal plague causing havoc on amphibians across the globe may have already hit Virginia decades ago, according to a study by local scientists.

Door To Door: Hillbrook, D.C. And Elkridge, Md.

This week, we visit Hillbrook in Northeast D.C., and Elkridge in Howard County, Md.

From A to B: Can Bikeshare Work In The 'Burbs?

The suburban community of Columbia, Md. is weighing whether a bike sharing program will work in the heart of suburbia.

Frederick County Fights Over The "S" Word

Frederick County, Md. is weighing the rights of property owners versus the concerns of environmentalists as it ponders how to grow in the future.

Commuters Trade Time In Transit For A Taste Of Rural Life

The eastern panhandle of the Mountain State remains a popular place to live for many people who work in or near D.C., even as housing prices have dropped closer to the city.

Greenbelt Ponders A Suburban Experiment, 75 Years On

Greenbelt, Md. was one of America's very first suburbs. Designed and built as part of Roosevelt's New Deal, the town provided small but sturdy homes to middle-income families, and now today, the homes haven't changed too much.

D.C. Gigs: Helping Those On The Fringe In A Wealthy Suburb

In this month's D.C. Gigs, we visit a homeless shelter in one of the richest locales in the country.

Indian Immigrants Embrace Suburban Life In Loudoun County

Indian immigrants are flocking to Loudoun County, and transforming a once-rural corner of our region in to a booming, diverse suburb.

Military Might And The Spread Of Suburbia

Since the Civil War, the U.S. military's growth and the expansion of the D.C. suburbs have gone hand-in-hand.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

File-Sharing Website Megaupload.com Shut Down

The FBI and Justice Department are going after file-sharing site Megaupload.com and its employees, after a Virginia grand jury indicted them on several counts.

Maryland Legislators Call For Citizens United Reversal

Some legislators in Maryland are calling for Congress to pass a law overturning the Supreme Court's controversial Citizens United, saying unlimited corporate money is warping the nature of politics.

Prince George's County Emergency Website Upgraded

Residents of Prince George's County can now register on a website to receive alerts via email, text and pagers in the event of emergencies or severe weather.

Metro Workers Charged In Coin-Stealing Scheme

Two Metro workers have been charged for systematically stealing tens of thousands of dollars from malfunctioning fare machines over the last several years.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Visiting Washington's Original "Streetcar Suburbs"

The communities that cropped up on D.C.'s outskirts during the late 1800s were "streetcar suburbs" - their growth driven by the horse-drawn trolleys that brought commuters to and fro every day, and Mount Pleasant was among the first of these neighborhoods.