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Friday, October 14, 2011

Giving Artistic Outsiders A Leg Up

A group of disabled artists embrace their passion and face the challenges of breaking into the art world.

Breaking Down Barriers in the World of Comedy

Homosexuals have been on the outside of comedy for too long, and two 'Gaylarious' D.C. comedians are working hard to change that.

The Outsider Of The Animal Kingdom

Less than 100 albino American alligators are known to exist in the world, and now one has made its way to our nation's capital.

Student Tourists Make Way For D.C.

Students in a small Illinois town fundraise their way to our nation's capital.

From Anacostia To Africa: An Outsider Becomes A Queen

One businesswoman from Anacostia will soon be made a Ghanaian queen -- a position that nowadays involves more of an acumen for development than pomp and circumstance.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

National Cathedral: Spires Removed For Repair

Pinnacle strapped to a crane

A crane began lowering pinnacles off the National Cathedral today so they can be repaired of the damage they sustained during the Aug. 23 earthquake that struck the region.

MWAA Opposes Restructuring Plan

A proposed legislation that would give Virginia greater presence on the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority board has some flying with frustration.

Johnson Sentencing Date Rescheduled

The sentencing of former Prince George's County councilwoman Leslie Johnson will not take place today, due to scheduling conflicts.

D.C. Officials: Sewage Project Will Raise Rates, Bring Jobs

The huge sewage treatment project D.C. launched yesterday will mean significant water rate hikes during the next several years -- but city officials are also hoping it will bring hundreds of jobs to residents.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Police Search Parks For 11-Year-Old William McQuain

Police are searching Damascus Regional Park and Little Bennett Regional Park for 11 year-old William McQuain.