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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In State Of The Union, Local Lawmakers Expect Call For Cooperation

President Obama takes to the podium to deliver the State of the Union this evneing, and local lawmakers are expecting a call for bipartisanship, as well as plenty of talk about jobs.

D.C. To Lure Top Teachers To Underperforming Classrooms

Teacher quality is one of the primary indicators of student success -- so the D.C. Council is pushing for incentives to get the District's best teachers in its worst-performing classrooms.

Virginia Father Fights For More Communication Between Schools, Parents

A father in Fairfax County is pushing for legislation that would require school administrators to involve parents before questioning students for serious violations of the rules.

Breaking The Cycle When Dropping Out Runs In The Family

Saundra Walker, one of four generations of people in her family to drop out of high school, remembers feeling powerless and angry to stop history from repeating itself as her kids dropped out. At 58, she's going back to get her GED diploma -- but she wonders, will things be any different for the next generation?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cardin Down On Corn-Based Ethanol

Corn-based ethanol should not be given preferential treatment over forms of alternative energy -- that was the message delivered by Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin on Monday.

Number Of Homeless Students Skyrockets In Maryland

The number of homeless students in Maryland has doubled in just the last five years.

CIA Officer Charged With Leaking Classified Information

A former CIA officer who reportedly participated in the interrogation of terrorist Abu Zubaydah has been charged with leaking classified information.

Metro Workers Need Better Safety Measures

According to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, around 2 million Americans are victims of workplace violence each year, and among them are Metro workers.

Move To Legalize Marijuana In Virginia Easy As ABC


A Democratic delegate out of Alexandria, Va. wants the commonwealth to explore the potential economic impact if marijuana was allowed to be sold in liquor stores.

Virginia Delegate Fights For Incandescent Bulbs

A Virginia delegate is introducing legislation that would counter the federal government's plan to phase out incandescent bulbs for more energy-efficient fluorescents.

Gabrielle Giffords Steps Down, Expected To Attend State Of The Union

Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' announcement to step down from Congress adds one more election to a year already packed with races across the country.

Report Should Clear D.C. Council For Lottery Deal

A report to be released later this week is expected to clear the D.C. Council of illegal conduct when they voted to legalize online gambling and picked a new lottery vendor.

Anti-Abortion Protesters Rally On The Mall

March for Life protesters are planning to march from Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court building, in opposition to Roe vs. Wade.

Fire Destroys D.C. Townhome

A two-alarm fire destroyed one townhome and damaged two others early this morning.

Baltimore Priest Arrested For Indecent Exposure

A priest has been suspended from duty at a Baltimore County church after being arrested on indecent exposure charges.