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Monday, April 18, 2011

Lower Level Floods At Georgetown Waterfront

UPDATE: D.C. Fire spokesperson Pete Piringer says flooding of the Washington Harbor complex in Georgetown "could have been prevented" if the floodwall had been erected in time.

Public Forum On Stink Bugs In Virginia

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) is hosting a public forum Monday night in Purcellville that will focus on the invasive stink bug's impact on crops and plants around the region.

High Court Takes No Action on Cuccinelli Request

The Supreme Court has taken no action on Virginia's call for speedy review of the health care law.

D.C. Drivers Paying More Than $4 Per Gallon Of Gas

Drivers may be feeling bad paying at the pump, as the price for fuel continues to rise. Over the weekend the average price in the District topped out at more than $4 a gallon -- but sometimes, paying in cash can knock a few cents off your total.

Police Target Reckless Driving On Fairfax Co. Parkway

If you're accustomed to flying down the Fairfax County Parkway to beat the rush, take note: police are targeting speeders and reckless drivers on the thoroughfare beginning this week.

Va. Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down After Storm

Officials from the Surry nuclear power station in southeastern Virginia say this weekend's strong storms forced a shutdown of the facility's reactors.

Power Breakfast: A Post-vote, Pre-recess Debriefing

From Capitol News Connection:Before they scattered to their respective corners for the week, Senators fielded questions about nuclear energy.

A Push for Weatherization in the District

With the weather warming up, one non-profit group in the District is going door-to-door to encourage residents to save money on their energy bills by going green and weatherizing their homes.

Entry Fees Waived At Many National Parks in D.C. Area

With spring break underway for some school systems in the region, the National Park Service is waiving its entry fee to many of its parks for the next week.

Electric Car Owners Urge Others To Go Gas-Free

Mark Mercer is happy to show off his 1984 Pontiac Fiero. You might be wondering why -- but it's because the decades-old vehicle has been converted to an electric vehicle for less than $10,000.

William Schaefer, Former Maryland Governor, Dies

William Donald Schaefer has died. The former Maryland governor and four-term Baltimore mayor was 89.

'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram

Earth gets honored with oil paintings and woodcuts, plus some one-act plays about people and their cars courtesy of Taffety Punk.

Former UVA Lacrosse Player Indicted On Murder Charges

A grand jury in Virginia has indicted George Huguely, a former University of Virginia lacrosse player, in the death of a member of the women's lacrosse team whom he was dating.

I Bought An Electric Car. Now What?

Fairfax County resident Ron Ball was one of the first people in Virginia to buy the Chevy Volt, a new eco-friendly electric car. As an avid environmentalist, he had been dreaming of owning a Volt for years. But now that he has one, he's discovering life as a proud Volt owner is more complicated than he realized.

Fire Spokesman: Georgetown Flooding 'Could Have Been Prevented' By Floodwall

Authorities in D.C. say a coastal flood warning remains in effect along the Potomac River. That includes Washington Harbor in Georgetown, the scene of flooding Monday. Many are questioning why floodwalls, which are supposed to protect property there, were not in place.