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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GPS Tracking Bill Nixed Again In Virginia Senate

A bill that would make it illegal to surreptitiously place a GPS tracking device on another person's vehicle won't be back in the Virginia Assembly this session -- but it could resurface next year.

Maryland, Virginia Govs. Praise Obama Education Reforms

The Maryland and Virginia governors may have their differences, but they both had positive words for President Obama's education policies after a meeting at the White House this week.

Alexandria Seeks Votes For Arts Poll

Alexandria, Va. is looking to continue it's streak of Top 10 finishes in American Style Magazine's yearly poll of top places in the country for the arts -- the city is beseaching residents and admirers alike to vote.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Maryland Students Demand Removal Of Foam Lunch Trays

Students in Montgomery County, some as young as 9, are getting politically-active, call for the Board of Education to adopt their plan for reusable lunch trays in school cafeterias.

Harry Thomas Jr.'s Nonprofit Under Scrutiny

An organization that offers programs for D.C.'s youth is under scrutiny for its role in the embezzlement charges to which former D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr. has pleaded guilty.

Virginia Legislators Pass Competing Voter Requirement Bills

The Virginia House and Senate are at an impasse after revising each others' legislation on voter requirements -- preventing either from being signed until the differences are ironed out.

Stomach Bug Strikes Fairfax Elementary School

A stomach virus has hit a Fairfax County elementary school, though area health officials are being careful to make clear they don't think it's another norovirus outbreak.

Maryland Transportation Activists Back Gas Tax

Nobody is a fan of paying more at the pump, but a coalition of Maryland transportation advocates say that without the revenue from a proposed hike in the gas tax, Maryland could come up short.

Dupont Traffic Lights Temporarily Disabled Today

Traffic signals around Dupont Circle will be disabled for several hours Tuesday morning, as crews to perform maintenance.

Metro Holds Public Hearings On Fare Hikes

Metro is holding the first of six public hearings on proposed across-the-board fare hikes to meet its fiscal year 2013 budget Monday night in Montgomery County.

CQ Roll Call: Congress Returns, Transportation Fight Looms

The battle over a transportation funding overhaul is getting increasingly tense on Capitol Hill, and the outcome could have significant consequences for mass transit projects in the D.C. area.

O'Malley, McDonnell Split Hairs Over Regional Job Creation

The governors of Maryland and Virginia got into a little spat over job creation at a national governors' conference in D.C. this weekend.

Congress Gears Up For Fight On Transportation Funding

Members of Congress have their work cut out for them this week when it comes to a transportation funding bill that would shift some funding from public transportation projects to highways.

Report: Child Poverty Down In D.C.

Fewer D.C. children are living in the city's most poverty-stricken neighborhoods, according to new data released this week.

D.C. Group Tries To Ban Corporate Campaign Contributions

A group of D.C. activists is calling for a law banning all corporate campaign contributions to D.C. Council members. The proposal will be vetted today at the D.C. Board of Election and Ethics.