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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Memorial Day Travelers Expected In Greater Numbers

With the start of the Memorial Day weekend just days away, travel experts predict an uptick in the number of people expected to travel to Ocean City and the Eastern Shore.

Proposed D.C. Tax Hike Loses Momentum Ahead Of Budget Vote

In the District, a last-minute push to convince D.C. Council members to pass an income tax hike appears to have failed. The council takes its first vote on the city's spending plan Wednesday morning.

Fairfax Police See Some Progress In Distracted Driving Fight

In Virginia, police in Fairfax County are finishing up a nine-month initiative putting a focus on the dangers of distracted driving.

Hurricane Season Has Officials Pushing Preparedness

Hurricane season begins June 1, and officials say it's time to start thinking about hurricane preparedness and boating safety.

New D.C. Foreclosure Rules Take Effect Tomorrow

New D.C. regulations go into effect Wednesday that require banks to go further to try to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. But some are wondering whether the requirement for mediation between lenders and borrowers will actually keep people from losing their homes.

Email Records Proving Challenging For Va. FOIA Officers

A recent Freedom of Information Act request that cost the state of Virginia $34,000 to compile has state officials looking at their open records practices.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Led By Kegasus, Preakness Scores Big Crowd

It looks like the decision by Preakness organizers to turn the reins over to Kegasus -- the hard-partying mascot of the 2011 race -- was a smart bet.

Virginia Unemployment Rate Continues To Decline

Virginia's unemployment rate fell slightly in April and remains below the national average.

Citizenship Fair Aims To Help Undocumented Workers

Washington, D.C. is the second stop in a nationwide effort to get more immigrant workers to apply for citizenship ahead of the 2012 elections.

Deer Overpopulation Yields Disastrous Results For Forests

As an ever-rising population of white-tailed deer have bumped up against their human neighbors in the D.C. area, the results haven't been pretty. There were an estimated 88,000 deer-vehicle collisions in Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and Delaware last year.

Commentary By Ellen London: Saving Children’s Summer Programs

As the school year comes to a close, children and parents are gearing up for summer. But commentator Ellen London, president and CEO of the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation says this year there will be fewer camps and activities to go around, and is urging the community to help out.

Naval Academy Freshmen Cap Greased Monument

At the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., on Monday, plebes (freshmen) participated in the school’s traditional rite of passage: capping a 21-foot-tall statue with a midshipman’s cap. There were some injuries in the process.

Commentary By Norman Allen: Making Theater Experiences More Affordable For All

In the District, theater groups are organizing to fight a 6 percent tax on ticket sales proposed by Mayor Vincent Gray. But Commentator Norman Allen, playwright and head of the English department at Cesar Chavez Public Charter High School, says actors and directors aren't the only ones who should be concerned.

With Seat Belt Campaign, Virginia Steps Up Enforcement

Police around the region and the country are urging drivers to buckle up as part of a national Click It or Ticket campaign.

Consider This By Fred Fiske: Powerful Men

The recent news stories about former International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the adultery of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Senator John Ensign added to the past scandals regarding the sexual peccadillos of many high-ranking men in government have got me to wondering what is it about the fame and fortune that leads so many men to the pinnacles of success to stray from the standards of propriety, which are so important to our culture.