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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Principal Suspends Students Caught Drinking From Activities

A high school principal in Montgomery County is levying punishments against students cited for underage drinking, despite objections that the school shouldn't be involved at all.

Activists Against Citizens United Occupy Supreme Court

With the two-year year anniversary of the controversial Citizens United decision, protesters have taken to the Supreme Court to voice their opposition to corporate personhood.

Friday, January 20, 2012

All Metro Lines Affected By Weekend Track Work

Tack some extra minutes onto your planned travel time this weekend, as scheduled track maintenace should affect riders on all five Metro lines.

CQ Roll Call: Reid Pulls PIPA, Daniels To Deliver SOTU Response

Vote on SOPA, PIPA bills postponed, how the Internet took Congress by surprise, and gearing up for the State of the Union.

Lesbian Couple Accuses Hospital Of Discrimination

A married lesbian couple is accusing Washington Adventist Hospital of discrimination during an emergency room visit.

Alexandria City Council Prepares To Vote On Waterfront Plan

The Alexandria City Council is preparing to vote on a comprehensive redevelopment plan for its waterfront. The plan has been more than a year in the making, and some opponents are still trying to derail the changes.

Virginia Governor Puts Brakes On Uranium Mining Permit

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is asking state legislators to delay granting permission for uranium mining in the state.

Race For Ward 5 Council Seat Officially Begins

The race for the D.C. Council seat of former Council member Harry Thomas Jr. began Friday, as potential candidates can pick up petitions and begin collecting signatures to get on the May ballot.

Committee Picks Bus Over Light Rail For CCT

Montgomery County appears poised to move forward with a rapid bus line between Shady Grove and Clarksburg, Md. The plan would replace an original proposal to build a light rail line along the line, called the Corridor Cities Transitway.

Eagle Advocates Warn About Lead Poisoning

While increased protections have helped bald eagle populations in the D.C. area bounce back, birds are still at risk thanks to lead shot being used by hunters.

Virginia Lawmakers Toughen Penalties For Violent Offenders

Virginia governor Bob McDonnell is pushing for tougher penalties, and more enforcement tools, to curtail the activities of violent offenders in the state.

Scientists Say Amphibian Die-Offs Hit Area Years Ago

slimy salamander

A fungal plague causing havoc on amphibians across the globe may have already hit Virginia decades ago, according to a study by local scientists.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

File-Sharing Website Megaupload.com Shut Down

The FBI and Justice Department are going after file-sharing site Megaupload.com and its employees, after a Virginia grand jury indicted them on several counts.

Maryland Legislators Call For Citizens United Reversal

Some legislators in Maryland are calling for Congress to pass a law overturning the Supreme Court's controversial Citizens United, saying unlimited corporate money is warping the nature of politics.

Prince George's County Emergency Website Upgraded

Residents of Prince George's County can now register on a website to receive alerts via email, text and pagers in the event of emergencies or severe weather.