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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arlington Businesses Conclude Green Games

Arlington businesses ended a yearlong competition in reducing energy use.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin Supporters Protest At Freedom Plaza

Hundreds of protesters rallied in Freedom Plaza Saturday in honor of the Florida teen who was shot and killed last February.

Virginia House Proposes Sales Tax For Transportion Projects

Some Virginia lawmakers say the state is running low on transportation funds, and wants to phase in a sales tax to help pay for infrastructure projects.

Maryland Adds New Area Code

Maryland is running low on phone numbers, so the state is adding a new area code today.

Maryland House Passes Budget, With Tax Hikes

Maryland's House of Delegates passed a budget on Friday, despite staunch Republican objections to hikes in income and "flush" taxes.

Metro Taking Steps To Make Women Feel Safer

Train malfunctions aren't the only safety concern on the Metro -- many women report being unsatisfied by the police presence in the system, which hasn't helped stymie cases of sexual harassment and assault.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bags Of Cash Litter Road On I-270 In Maryland

In a bizarre event witnesses likened to a gameshow, bags of cash fell out of an armored truck on I-270, scattering currency across the roadway.

Anti-Abortion Free Speech Case Heads To Federal Court

Lawyers for the city of Baltimore and Montgomery County urged a three-judge panel to reverse a ruling requiring anti-abortion pregnancy centers to post signs stating that they don't provide medical services.

Cherry Blossoms Halt Metro Track Work

Metro is temporarily suspending its weekend track work to accommodate the extra riders in town for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

Analysis: JOBS Act Passes, But Paralysis Remains On Highways Bill

Sen. Barbara Mikulsi (D-Md.) is urging Congress to move on a Senate transportation bill that could result in increased federal regulation for Metro.

House Republicans Reject Bipartisan Highway Bill

Democrats say House Republicans' rejection of a bipartisan highway bill could cause thousands of construction workers their jobs.

Schools, Municipalities Fight Virginia Pension System Change

Local governments and school districts in Virginia are up in arms over a proposal to reorganize funding for the Virginia Retirement System.

Camera Live-Streams Baby Eagles From Richmond

A camera trained on a bald eagle's nest in Richmond live-streamed the hatching of two bald eagle chicks last weekend while the world watched. 

Think Pink: New Breed Of Cherry Blossom Marks 100th Anniversary

The National Arboretum has created a new, pinker breed of cherry blossom for the 100th anniversary of the trees being planted in Washington.