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Friday, April 6, 2012

Navy F-18 Jet Crashes In Virginia Beach

A Navy F-18 jet has gone down on a residential neighborhood of Virginia Beach, Va. According to reports, two airmen safely ejected and have been transported to a local hospital.

Fowl Play: Authorities Looking Into Stabbing Of Frostburg Duck

In a strange case that has troubled local residents, a duck that taken up residence near a recreational center in Frostburg, Maryland was found dead, the victim of a stabbing.

Analysis: Virginia Budget Deal Prevents Shutdown, Maryland's Income Tax Debate

Virginia lawmakers have agreed on an $85 billion budget plan, but that's not enough to help fund the Dulles Rail Project.

Ahoy! New iPad App Helps Ships Steer Clear Of Whales

An animal welfare group has designed a new iPad app to help ship captains avoid hitting endangered whales.

Ginkgo Trees Receive Treatment To Avoid Stench

Female Ginkgo trees in the District are receiving their annual spray down to prevent stinking up the city.

Virginia Police Arrest 20 Alleged Child Predators

Virginia Police have made nearly two dozen arrests in a lengthy sting on child predators.

Virginia Man, His Conviction Overturned, Receives $1M From State

A man who was wrongly convicted of three crimes in Virginia is getting some justice from Gov. Bob McDonnell this week.

Toddler Bounces Back Months After Capitol Heights Shooting

A teenager accused of a shooting that injured a 3-year-old boy in Capitol Heights last summer has been convicted on three counts of assault and gun possession.

Washington Power Brokers Prepare The Next Generation: The U.S. Senate Youth Program

For 50 years, the United States Senate Youth Program has brought an elite group of high school students to tour the buildings and meet the power brokers of Washington, D.C... and has launched the careers of some well-known alumni.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tree Canopy Shows Improvement In D.C.

According to statistics released by the D.C. Urban Forestry Administration, the urban tree canopy in the District is up 2.1 percent since 2006.

Mega Mystery: Maryland $105M Lotto Winner Still Unknown

There were three winning tickets for the $656 million Mega Millions jackpot, but so far none of them, including the winner who bought her ticket at a Baltimore County 7-Eleven, have stepped forward to claim the winnings.

Barry Disparages 'Dirty' Asian-Owned Businesses

Former D.C. Mayor and Ward 8 Councilman Marion Barry has fielded criticism for comments he made at a victory party Tuesday about the need to remove Asian-owned businesses that he describes as "dirty."

Maryland To Ban Arsenic-Based Chicken Feed

Maryland legislators are moving to ban the sale of chicken feed additives that contain arsenic, after a bill was passed in the state Senate Thursday.

Anti-Incumbent Super PAC Challenges Moran

The addition of Super PAC funds has changed the nature of the Congressional primaries -- enough so that even formerly "safe" incumbents like Jim Moran are concerned about their effects.

Child Predator Sting Busts 20 In Virginia

Police in Virginia have arrested 20 people across the Commonwealth in an undercover sting aimed at catching Internet sex predators in the state and elsewhere.