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Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Found Dead In Trailer On Eastern Shore

Police describe a gruesome scene in a trailer in the eastern shore of Virginia, where five bodies were found.

CQ Roll Call: Breaking Down The Latest Federal Budget Deal

Both sides of the political aisle are claiming victories in the latest federal budget deal, but some negotiations still remain in order for Congress to pass extentions to payroll tax cuts and unemployment insurance.

Police Find Baby Jesus Statue After It's Spotted On Facebook

Police found a stolen baby Jesus statue that went missing from a Fredericksburg mall after a citizen spotted a picture of the figure on Facebook.

D.C. Rights Activists Protest Budget Deal

Several were arrested at the Capitol Friday protesting the rider in the federal budget deal that would prevent the District from using its own money to provide abortions for low-income women.

Maryland Pushes Back Time Line For Bay Cleanup

Maryland is pulling back on its ambitious plan to complete Chesapeake Bay cleanup by 2020 -- five years before federal law requires. 

'Bundling' Is Common Practice For D.C. Council Campaign Contributions

The D.C. Council is about to pass ethics reform for the District, but it won't include a prohibition on "bundling" -- or corporations making multiple campaign contributions through various subsidiaries. A review of the most recent campaign finance filings shows that the practice is pretty common.

Congress Strikes Deal To Avoid Government Shutdown

Lawmakers reached a tentative agreement late Thursday to fund the government through the rest of the fiscal year, avoiding a government shutdown that could have happened this evening. 

McDonnell Calls For $2.21B In Contributions For State Pensions


Governor Bob McDonnell is calling for a $2.2 billion infusion into Virginia's state pension fund, to cover a shortfall so that taxpayers won't have to -- at least for this year.

Commentary: 'Ambitious Goal' To Address Unemployment In D.C.

To address D.C.'s miserable unemployment rate, Brookings Institution fellow Martha Ross says the District needs to embrace a concrete decade-long goal to get its young people on track for full-time work.

Taking Christmas Pageants To A Whole New Level

Every year, a Prince George's County church puts on a Christmas pageant featuring hundreds of cast members, live animals, and nationally-renowned gospel singers.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New GMU President Brings Global Perspective

George Mason University has named Angel Cabrera, a native of Spain and former head of a private graduate school in Ariz., as its next president.

Forestry Department Says Virginia Losing Forests Fast

The combined effects of development and invasive pests have taken their toll on Virginia's tree canopy, which is worrying state foresters.

Federal Agencies Warn Of Partial Government Shutdown

For the fourth time this year, Congress is on the verge of forcing a government shutdown because of a budget impasse.

O'Malley Now Backs Exelon-Constellation Merger

The proposed merger of Exelon Corporation with Constellation Energy has finally gotten the thumbs up from Maryland governor Martin O'Malley, after he extracted a promise of more than one billion dollars in investments.

FBI Searches For '90s Rape Suspect

The FBI is launching a media blitz to try and get the word out on the "Potomac River Rapist," who police believe is connected with as many as nine rapes in the area in the '90s.