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Friday, June 10, 2011

Commentary By Genevieve Ludwig: Pet Foster Mother Learns To Let Go

Whether from a parent, teacher, coach or mentor, many of us have heard the refrain 'nothing worth doing is ever easy.' For commentator Genevieve Ludwig, that lesson came by way of a small, furry, long-term house guest.

Ocean City Air Show To Host Nation's Only Stunt Helicopter

In Maryland, this weekend's Ocean City Air Show is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of spectators to watch military and civilian airplanes, jet teams, and skydivers, but one of the most unusual acts is a helicopter that does aerobatics.

Virginia Urging The Public To Recognize And Deal With E. coli Symptoms

Officials say the recent E. coli-related death of a child in southwest Virginia is not connected to deaths from contamination in Europe, but the state's Department of Health is still urging the public to learn how to recognize and deal with potential E. coli problems.

WaPo's McCartney: On Harry Thomas Jr., Sulaimon Brown, And Mayor Gray's Agenda

WAMU Morning Edition host Matt McCleskey interviews Washington Post Metro columnist Robert McCartney on the fallout of the many scandals rocking D.C.'s city hall this week, including Mayor Vincent Gray's frustration over the focus on the scandals.

Metro Contends With Cars Without A/C

Metro riders are feeling the heat on Metro's "hot cars"this week, given the high temperatures, and Metro is estimating that as many as one in 20 cars are without air conditioning.

Scholarships For Undocumented Students, Including One Valedictorian

As illegal immigration and the future of undocumented workers is hotly debated across the country and within the D.C. region, leaders in Arlington County aren't shying away from recognizing high achieving high schoolers who are also undocumented immigrants.

Police Investigate School Bus Crash

D.C. Police are investigating a head-on collision between two school buses carrying elementary school aged children Thursday.

Church To Show Its Colors In Capital Pride Parade

The Capital Pride Parade is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, and in addition to many fun and outrageous floats and paraders, this year, there will also be one participant that's divinely inspired.

Metro Reaches Out To Other Agencies After Spike In Crimes

Metro is reaching out to other police departments in the region for help in combating an increase in crime. The discussion from the transit police force came on the same day that a D.C. superior court judge had his iPhone stolen on the Metro.

Metro Budget Passes In Committee, Without Longer Weekend Waits

A Metro committee approved the transit system's budget for the coming fiscal year June 9, and it contains no fare hikes and no major service cuts. It's a budget miles away from where Metro was in 2010.

Artists at D.C. Gallery Married Decades After Meeting

An art gallery at a D.C. senior center that only features older, local artists is spotlighting a married couple with quite a love story.

Bay Game Puts Watershed Management In Hands Of Players

In June, congressional staffers will gather to play the Bay Game, a new tool developed by professors at the University of Virginia. The game is growing in popularity and was most recently played by students from seven universities across Virginia.

Campaign Finance Files Charges Against Kwame Brown Re-Election Committee

The D.C. Office for Campaign Finance has completed an investigation into the 2008 re-election committee of City Council Chair Kwame Brown, and has filed charges against the campaign.

Civil Rights Leaders See Economic Boost in Environmental Movement

NAACP president Benjamin Jealous says it's time people started looking at sustainability as a civil right.

Photography Exhibit Takes Students Behind Closed Doors

Students at a D.C. high school used documentary photography to make changes at their school, and now their work is on display.