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Thursday, July 14, 2011

D.C. Celebrates Bastille Day With French Maid Race And Other Festivities

It's Bastille Day - that means parties and celebrations across the city for holiday celebrating the French revolution. ?

Bicycle Crashes Increase In Fairfax County

Crashes involving bicycles are up in Fairfax County, according to new statistics.

Alexandria Considers Eminent Domain

For the last one hundred years, the Old Dominion Boat Club has occupied a valuable spot of real estate at the foot of King Street in Old Town Alexandria. Now Boat Club member Bert Ely says the club is worried that some of that land might be taken by the city of Alexandria.

Vandalism, Possible Hate Crime Shakes Montgomery Co. Neighborhood

Montgomery County police say the rash of vandalism in the Spencerville neighborhood is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

Ghanaian Citizens Charged With Smuggling Heroin Into Dulles Airport

Dulles International Airport has become a pivot point for heroin smugglers.

BWI Airport Sets Passenger Records For May

Maryland's largest airport has set passenger records again. More than 2 million people passed through the airport in May.

Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin Is Trying To Preserve Jobs And Benefits

Maryland Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin is trying to convince his colleagues to preserve jobs and benefits for federal workers.

D.C. Succeeds In Getting Contractors To Hire District Residents

Lawmakers in D.C. say a pilot program that offers contractors more money if they hire city residents is already paying off.

D.C. Cop Charged in Sexual Assaults

A D.C. police officer has been indicted on charges that he sexually abused three women while on duty.

Expect Weekend Metro Delays For The Next 12 Months

Metro has released a schedule for its track maintenance projects over the next 12 months which calls for widespread delays and closures.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Montgomery County Facility Will Cost 'Nothing' Eventually

In Maryland, leaders in Montgomery County broke ground on a new facility they hope will spur development near the Shady Grove Metro Station.

Protester Arrested In D.C. Statehood Demontration Goes To Trial

The trial of one of the D.C. protesters arrested for demonstrating for D.C.'s autonomy in April began today at D.C. Superior Court, but was ultimately delayed

Calls Don't Stop For DCFD On High Heat Days

The high temperatures we've been experiencing in the Metro area have prompted many people to take it easy. The heat means more work for local firefighters, as they rush to treat heat-related illnesses.

FBI Probing Document Thefts From Md. Historical Society

An attempted theft at the Maryland Historical Society has touched off a national investigation. Federal officials are now checking to see if the suspects have taken documents from other museums and archives.

Tommy Wells Loses Powerful Transportation Committee Post

It's been a rocky year so far at the D.C. Council with several scandals and investigations. As the council prepares to break for the summer, there's been one final twist: an unprecedented reshuffling of committee assignments.