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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alexandria Mayor Rebuffs Criticism Of Waterfront Plan

The potential environmental impact of the waterfront development plan is quickly becoming a hot issue in Alexandria's race for mayor, with incumbent Bill Euille dismissing the criticism.

MPD: Turbans Approved For Police Force

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier announced a new policy Wednesday that allows Sikh members of the MPD to don turbans as part of religious observance on active duty.

Chuck Brown, 'Godfather Of Go-Go,' Dead At 75

Washington D.C. has lost a local musical legend in Chuck Brown, "Godfather of Go-Go," who passed away of multiorgan failure Wednesday at the age of 75.

Senate Bill Offers Benefits For Same-Sex Partners

Legislation has been introduced in the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee that would offer benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees.

Maryland Passes Income Tax Hikes, Budget Measures

The Maryland General Assembly passed a budget measure in a special session that concluded today, raising income taxes for high-income earners, as well as other budget measures.

Analysis: More GSA-Fueled Spending Crackdowns, Fewer Bonuses For Federal Employees

Federal agencies are now seeing specific mandates on limits to travel spending and conferences after the Las Vegas conference scandal. GovExec Editor Tom Shoop talks about the latest policies affecting federal employees.

D.C. Unemployment Program Reaches 3,000 Hires

D.C.'s One City One Hire program has helped placed more than 3,000 District residents, with a large portion coming from the wards feeling unemployment most strongly.

Watergate Figure Charles Colson Honored At National Cathedral

Charles Colson, a Watergate figured who later turned evangelical preacher in prison, was honored at the Washington National Cathedral Wednesday.

Archdiocese Criticizes Georgetown For Inviting Sebelius To Graduation

Georgetown University is taking heat from the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington for its decision to have Kathleen Sebelius speak at a ceremony during graduation events this weekend. 

Metro Investigating Rail Cars After Doors Opened While Trains Moved

Metor is inspecting two of its trains after the doors opened while the train was moving during the morning rush hour May 15. 

Senate Renews Export-Import Bank's Charter

Senators voted to renew the charter of the Export-Import Bank late Tuesday night, making it possible for the U.S. government to continue to insure goods in trade deals with foreign entities. 

D.C. Council Finds Common Ground On Budget

The D.C. Council overcame its differences on next year's budget this week, tentatively approving a plan crafted by Council Chair Kwame Brown.

Potomac's Status As 'Most Threatened' River Resonates In Alexandria

A new ranking calling the Potomac the most threatened river in the United States could have implications for Alexandria's big plans for waterfront development.

MWAA Travel Expenses, Finances Audited

The federal government is conducting an audit on the MWAA, scrutinizing everything no-bid contracts, financing plans reliant on tolls and lavish trips taken by members of the agency.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

McDuffie Wins Ward 5 Special Election

In a crowded field of 12 candidates, Democrat Kenyan McDuffie has won the special election for the Ward 5 seat on the D.C. Council, replacing disgraced former councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.