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Friday, August 8, 2014

College Students Uncover History In Richmond Cemeteries

Virginia Commonwealth University professor Ryan Smith says graveyards are an intriguing place to begin learning about how ordinary people lived and died.

D.C. Moves Families Out Of D.C. General, But Date For Closing Shelter Unclear

In this two-way discussion between Rebecca Sheir and WAMU 88.5 reporter Martin Austermuhle, we get an update on just how close — or not — D.C. General is to being closed.

How Sketchy Is That D.C. Street? There's An App For That

Judging how safe a neighborhood is can be scientific as much as it can be subjective, but a new app born in D.C. lets users rate streets, corners and blocks based on how "sketchy" they are.

Feds Single Out Va. Schools For Restraining And Isolating Misbehaving Students

The U.S. Department of Education has singled out two Virginia schools for routinely putting students in isolation or physically restraining them in response to misbehavior.

'House Of Cards' To Film In D.C. This Weekend

A faux presidential motorcade will be filmed this weekend in D.C., but neither President Obama nor a certain fictitious commander-in-chief will actually be there.

Lawyers For Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Want Trial Moved To D.C.

Lawyers for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are making a second push to move his trial to Washington, D.C.

Prosecutors Lay Out Case Against McDonnell, But Still Need To Connect Dots

With the trial of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen McDonnell expected to last three more weeks, prosecutors will need to connect the pieces of evidence they've laid out to make the case that he sold his office to a businessman.

This Week On Metro Connection: D.C. General

More than a decade ago, the District began sheltering homeless families in the city's abandoned public hospital, D.C. General. This week, we visit some of those families, talk to the kids, and get some updates on the future of the hospital.

When D.C. General Is Your Last, Best Option

Tamika Smalls may not have good memories of her time at D.C. General, but now she's desperate to return.

Increasing Number Of Homeless Students Puts Pressure On D.C. Public Schools

Nearly 30 percent of the students who attend Ketcham Elementary School in Southeast D.C. are homeless, and many stay at D.C. General.

A Resident's Perspective On Life In D.C. General

Sherell McGee is many things: a cook, a mother, a high school graduate. She's also homeless. And her homelessness is related to one of McGee's other qualifiers — product of D.C.'s foster care system.

From Public Hospital To Homeless Shelter: The Long History Of D.C. General

Washington's public hospital saw 200 years of shortages, overcrowding and waves of public outcry, but the 2001 decision to close the hospital was anything but popular.

Inside D.C. General: A Tour Of The City's Largest Homeless Shelter

D.C. General is only two miles from the U.S. Capitol and a stone's throw from RFK Stadium, but most Washingtonians will never visit this sprawling, dilapidated facility.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Virginia Republican Steps Down In Wake Of Anti-Muslim Facebook Post

In a statement, Prince William County Circuit Court deputy clerk Bob FitzSimmonds was unapologetic about comments he posted on Facebook, which questioned whether Muslim Americans have made positive contributions to U.S. society.

McDonnells Seemed 'In Love,' Ex-Staffer Testifies

The woman who ran the Virginia governor's mansion under former Republican Governor Bob McDonnell testified today that the governor and his wife appeared to be a happy couple. But she may have undercut the government's case on cross-examination.