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Monday, January 12, 2015

Virginia Lawmakers To Tackle Reforms To Standardized Testing

Frustrations have been mounting in Virginia schools over the influence of the Standards of Learning standardized tests — something members of the General Assembly say they hope to address.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Requirements Leave Smaller Theaters Out Of Helen Hayes Awards

The Helen Hayes Awards now come with new requirements for what actors are paid, potentially excluding smaller local theaters.

LGBT Activists Say Virginia Bill Codifies Discrimination Based On Sexuality

A new bill introduced by Virginia Del. Bob Marshall would allow individuals, businesses and government agencies to refuse service to individuals on the basis of "homosexual behavior."

Hundreds March In D.C. To Honor Law Enforcement, 'Charlie Hebdo' Victims

Residents in the District joined the hundreds of thousands worldwide in marching on Sunday in solidarity with the victims of the terror attacks in Paris last week.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Olympics Dreams Dashed, Arlington Goes Back To Drawing Board On Aquatics Center

Leaders in Arlington were hoping that Olympic fever would sweep through the region, allowing them to find funding for a new aquatics center on the northern edge of Crystal City. But now that's not happening, and the project is once again on hold.

The Bounce: This Week In Music News From WAMU's Bandwidth

From Kanye and Sir Paul to D.C.'s own U.S. Royalty, the first week of the new year brought new sounds and fresh controversies.

Virginia's Two U.S. Senators Diverge On Keystone XL Pipeline

Now that the House of Representatives has approved the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, the fight moves to the Senate, and it's pitting Virginia's two senators against each other.

Dogs Rescued From 'Meat Farm' Moved To D.C. Shelters

Nearly two dozen dogs rescued from a "meat farm'' in South Korea are a step closer to finding safe homes here in the D.C. region.

Congress Could Consider Hiking Gas Tax, But Increase Remains Long Shot

With gas prices falling toward $2 a gallon, there is renewed interest on Capitol Hill in raising the federal gas tax. Still, the first increase since 1993 remains a long shot.

Warner And Kaine Become Key To Bipartisan Coalitions In U.S. Senate

Virginia’s two Democratic Senators are expected to hold a lot of sway as more moderate voices in the new Republican controlled Senate.

Fairfax County Struggles To Come Up With New Plan For Collecting Trash

Environmental advocates are calling for changes to how trash is collected in Fairfax County. But they're also learning that digging into the garbage can be difficult.

This Week On Metro Connection: The 51st State, Or The Last Colony?

Metro Connection marks the 40th anniversary of home rule in D.C. What's next in the push for voting rights and statehood?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

D.C. Teacher Wins Milken Educator Award

Second-grade teacher Michelle Johnson is the only D.C. teacher to receive the Milken Educator Award this year.

Proposed Bill Would Double Renewable Energy Requirement In Maryland

The Maryland Clean Energy Advancement bill would force electricity suppliers in the state to provide 40 percent of their power from renewable sources by the year 2025.

D.C. Streetcar Involved In Another Fender Bender, Eighth So Far

D.C.'s new streetcar line hasn't opened to the public yet, but it was involved in another crash last night.