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Friday, October 30, 2015

Coming For You Uber! D.C. Cab Companies Closer To Launching E-Hailing App

D.C.'s taxi cab companies have seen business decline over the last several years as riders move to the convenience of app-based hailing services like Uber and Lyft. But they may finally be closing the gap.

On Civilian Oversight Of Police, Fairfax County Supervisor Candidates Disagree

One of the central issues in the race for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors this year is whether the county needs a civilian board to review police practices.

This Week On Metro Connection: Oct. 30, 2015

We'll hear from Willard Scott, who co-hosted the wildly popular show, "The Joy Boys," with the late Ed Walker. We'll visit an unusual senior community where retired Foreign Service officers keep up with current events by inviting their ambassador friends to speak. Plus, we'll meet gun enthusiasts in Virginia who buck the stereotype that gun owners are all conservative white men.

With New Law To Shield Records, Some Marylanders Get A Second Chance At Employment

The long-lasting consequences of a criminal record can affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life, from finding employment to securing housing. A new set of laws in Maryland lets some residents shield their records from public view. But advocates say the laws don't go far enough.

Gun Owners Don't Always Fit The Stereotypes In 'Purple State' Virginia

Virginia has long been a gun-friendly state, with white, male conservatives being the primary gun purchasers. But in an area like Northern Virginia, traditional gun culture mixes with more liberal values. We hear from gun enthusiasts who buck the usual stereotypes.

New Play Highlights The Women Of Edgar Allan Poe's Life

An unusual play is resurrecting the women from Edgar Allan Poe’s life and work. The site-specific piece is staged in the Maryland Historical Society’s Enoch Pratt House, a Baltimore landmark few people get to visit.

How Citizens United Is Changing the Ground Game In Virginia

A coalition of Virginia labor groups and minority-rights groups is making an unprecedented push for a slate of 27 candidates this fall, by providing money, endorsements and volunteers going door to door — an effort made possible by the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling on corporate and union spending on candidates.

'We Are The Joy Boys': Willard Scott Remembers Co-Host, Friend Ed Walker

Willard Scott is probably best known as the weatherman on NBC's Today Show. But before breaking in to TV, Scott was a household name in radio in Washington. He and Ed Walker, who passed away this week, co-hosted a wildly popular daily show for nearly 20 years, but their friendship outlasted the show's on-air fame.

The History Of Washington, A Symbol For Our Nation's Virtues And Vices

In his new book, "Washington, A History of Our National City," Tom Lewis argues that if you're seeking a symbol of our nation's virtues and vices, its aspirations and realities, you need look no further than Washington, D.C., a city he calls "the stepchild of American democracy."

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Could Montgomery County Be The Next To Adopt Paid Family Leave?

Paid family leave is gaining traction in our region: The D.C. Council is considering an expansive program that would give Washington workers the most generous paid family leave in the U.S., and now Montgomery County is studying ways to finance a similar program.

Georgetown's 'Exorcist Steps' To Gain Official Recognition As D.C. Tourist Site

A 75-step stone stairwell in Georgetown known best as the location of the closing scene of 1973's "The Exorcist" will be commemorated and designated an official tourist site on Friday.

Religious Community Responds As Violence Escalates In El Salvador

Church leaders in El Salvador, and in D.C.'s Salvadoran community, are wrestling with how to stop the violence that has made the Central American nation among the deadliest in the world.

Report Card: Gains In D.C., Shaky Numbers In Maryland, No Change In Virginia

The National Assessment of Educational Progress showed that D.C. made some progress with students in math and reading, while Maryland saw some declines, and Virginia's numbers remained about the same.

Campaign Donations From Virginia Car-Title Lenders On Record-Breaking Pace

Virginia's car-title lending industry, facing more scrutiny from the governor and some lawmakers, is escalating its campaign contributions as the state's voters prepare to head to the polls next week.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Plan For I-66 Toll Lanes Moves Forward

Virginia's plan to charge tolls on I-66 outside the Beltway is one crucial step closer to final approval.