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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Commentary: Ferguson Police Could Take Lessons From Prince George's County

Former Washington Post reporter Ruben Castaneda says black representation in local government of the sort lacking in Ferguson, Missouri, does not automatically address problems of police brutality.

Virginia's 3rd District Must Be Redrawn, Judges Say

A three-judge panel ruled that Virginia's current electoral boundaries unfairly pack the commonwealth's African American population in one district, diluting their political influence.

Loose Definition Of 'Lead Free' Causes Problems For Virginia's Groundwater

Water in about 1 in 5 Virginia wells tests positive for the presence of lead, which experts say comes from lead in brass fixtures.

Spy Museum To Stay Put, At Least For Now

Officials with the International Spy Museum have pulled out of an agreement that would have relocated them to a new space in a redeveloped Carnegie Library.

Brown, Hogan Trade Blows In First Maryland Gubernatorial Debate

The campaign to become the next Maryland governor has been pretty negative so far, and candidates Anthony Brown and Larry Hogan didn't waste time before taking the gloves off on Tuesday.

Changes To DCPS Special Education Services Pass Unanimously

A bill to improve special education services at D.C. public schools spearheaded by mayoral hopeful David Catania passed without opposition in the D.C. Council.

Watch Live Video Of The D.C. Attorney General Candidates Debate

Watch the five D.C. attorney general candidates debate here starting at 7:30 p.m., or catch them tomorrow on WAMU 88.5 at 1 p.m.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Handgun Found In Prisoner's Underwear At D.C. Superior Court

U.S. Marshals discovered a loaded handgun in a man's underwear today at D.C. Superior Court.

D.C. Moves Towards Sealing Records Of Residents Arrested For Pot Offenses

The D.C. Council gave approval to a bill that will allow residents arrested for non-violent marijuana offenses to petition to have their criminal records sealed.

D.C. Again Debates Slippery Issue: How To Get More Residents To Shovel Their Walks

Guns, gambling and land giveaways regularly prompt heated debated in the D.C. Council. But so does any proposal to change the city's 90-year-old snow-shoveling law.

The Rent In D.C. Is Too Damn High, And The New Residents Might Be To Blame

A new interactive report from the Urban Institute tracks the changes to D.C.'s housing market over the last decade, and the conclusion won't surprise many people: the city's housing has gotten much more expensive.

Weddings Abound In Virginia After Same-Sex Marriage Decision

The Supreme Court's decision Monday not to review appeals of same-sex marriage cases in five states opened the way for many couples to formally tie the knot.

Hogan Within 9 Points Of Brown, In Latest Maryland Poll

A new poll puts Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan behind Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown 38 percentage points to 47, a relatively close margin in heavily-Democratic Maryland.

Supreme Court Denies Eastern Shore Maritime Worker Case

The Supreme Court decided not to weigh in on the case of William Dize, whose widow was suing for compensation under a maritime law.

Monday, October 6, 2014

'Blended' Learning Shows Promising Results At D.C. Schools

A "blended" learning model, which combines traditional teacher instruction with use of technology, is showing encouraging results at some D.C. public schools.