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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bill On Transgender Birth Certificate Rules Advances In Maryland

Maryland's legislature is working on a bill intended to provide additional anti-discrimination protections for transgender people. This time, the measure would affect details on a person's birth certificate.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Manassas, Virginia, Has Highest Rate Of Uninsured In Region, Study Says

A new study released this week by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation analyzing data from 2012 says that Manassas has one of the highest rates of people without health insurance in the region. One in five people who live there are not insured.

Maryland Moves To Change State Privacy Law To Allow Body Camera Use By Police

A bill that would change Maryland's wiretapping law to ease the use of body cameras by police officers has taken a step forward in Annapolis.

How To Report Potholes For D.C.'s Annual Potholepalooza

The District Department of Transportation has set a bullseye on area potholes in its annual rodeo of road resurfacing.

Questions — Legal And Otherwise — Linger About Rolling Stone UVA Story

Police in Charlottesville, Virginia, this week suspended the investigation into allegations of a gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity, but the story is still causing debate.

After-School Program Puts Message Of Respect Where Baltimore's Eyes Can See It

In a city where 15 juveniles were murdered last year, a Latino youth program is spreading a message of unity and nonviolence.

The Goose Is Cooked: Park Service Looking For Dogs To Scare Foul Fowl Off Of Mall

The National Park Service is looking for a few brave Border Collies to take on a winged threat to the National Mall: the Canada goose.

Venezuelan Restaurant In Maryland Serves Up Political Debate Alongside Arepas

Venezuela's turmoil is often part of the conversation at a restaurant in Hyattsville.

Friday, March 27, 2015

How A Gay Russian Couple Was Driven To Seek Asylum In D.C.

Andrei Nasonov and Igor Bazilevskii didn't want to leave their home country of Russia, but anti-gay propaganda laws, beatings by authorities, and threatening billboards prompted the couple to seek asylum in D.C. And they're not alone.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How Much Power Should Virginia's Alcohol Control Board Have?

The controversy swirling around Virginia's Alcohol Control Board is creating a new discussion about what kind of powers the agency has and whether lawmakers should change that.

In Maryland, A Push For Even Tighter Regulation Of Fracking

The Maryland House of Delegates is moving forward with a bill that would put a three-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.

Technical Glitch Causes Problems With New D.C. Ambulance Dispatch System

The new technology D.C. paramedics are using to connect with dispatchers to keep tabs on where ambulances and fire engines are located is not working properly, say city officials.

Before Texas, Maryland And Virginia Fought Confederate Flag License Plates

Long before Texas rejected a license plate design including the Confederate flag, legal battles erupted in Maryland and Virginia over what messages and images are and are not allowed on state-issued tags.

This Spring, Something New Sprouts At Local Destinations: Security Lines

Be prepared: Metal detectors are coming to Nationals Park and bag searchers to the National Zoo this spring.

Bloody Arrest Casts Renewed Scrutiny On Virginia's ABC Officers

Photos of the bloody arrest of University of Virginia student Martese Johnson have renewed calls for Alcoholic Beverage Control officers in Virginia to wear body cameras or even strip them of the power to arrest.