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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rethinking The Relationship Between Mental Health And Police In Fairfax County

At least two high-profile cases where interactions between law enforcement and those suffering from mental illness ended in a death have prompted a law enforcement sub-committee to review Fairfax County police practices.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Amid Celebrations, Zoo Officials Warn Of Challenges In Caring For Panda Twins

As D.C. celebrates the birth of two baby pandas at the National Zoo, officials caution that trying to raise twins in captivity is difficult — especially during the first of couple of weeks.

Didn't Shovel Your Walk? In D.C., It'll Soon Be A Finable Offense

Yes, it's still summer. But it's never to soon to be ready for winter, when D.C. will finally start fining residents and businesses who do not shovel their sidewalks.

Why Offshore Wind Continues To Drag In Virginia

Virginia's coast is well-suited to the development of offshore wind power, but structural impediments and already low energy costs make for a tough sell.

D.C. Looks To 'Cornerstones' To Bring Education Equity To Public Schools

This year D.C. Public Schools is launching a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring that every student in every school across the city gets access to the same opportunities and resources.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

UVA Researchers Crack The Code Of A Crop-Destroying Virus

Using an extremely powerful microscope, researchers at the University of Virginia have made a breakthrough on the bamboo mosaic virus — and beyond just saving crops, the discovery may pay dividends in medical research as well.

Metro Runs Safety Drill At Stadium-Armory

If you saw scores of first-responders at the Stadium-Armory Metro on Sunday morning, never fear, it was just a drill.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Schools Chief: Expanded Opportunities Will Greet D.C. Students This Year

By offering more engaging courses  — and expanding programs for internships and leadership opportunities — DCPS hopes to boost overall achievement and give students less "time to be on the streets," Chancellor Kaya Henderson says.

VCU, Johns Hopkins Take Action Relative To Investigations On Sexual Violence

More than 130 institutions nationwide are under investigation under federal Title IX for the way they have handled specific cases involving sexual violence or harassment.

D.C. Memorial Event Planned For Julian Bond Near MLK Statue

The gathering will occur at the same time the civil rights leader's family scatters his ashes in the Gulf of Mexico.

As Killings Spike, D.C. Officials Blame Influx of Illegal Guns From South

D.C. officials say they have seized hundreds of illegal guns this year alone, but admit that stopping the flow of weapons from Southern states will be difficult.

Virginia's Public Schools Need More Money For Teachers, Say Education Advocates

As kids head back to school, parents, teachers and administrators are gearing up for a fight in Richmond, hoping to win greater state support for public education.

At McLean's Clemyjontri Park, A Place For All Children To Play In Perpetuity

Fairfax County is home to one of the first large-scale parks in America built so "typical" children and children with special needs can play side by side.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes? New Maryland Seismometer Will Find Out

The Maryland Geological Survey plans on installing the state's second seismometer out in Western Maryland, in advance of any hydraulic fracturing — or fracking — activity that could take place starting in 2017.

Court: Ex-Virginia Governor Can't Remain Free During Appeal

A federal appeals court on Thursday refused to allow former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell to remain free while he appeals his public corruption convictions to the U.S. Supreme Court.