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Friday, December 18, 2015

Metro Looks To Try Something New: A Personalized Monthly Rail Pass

Commuters may be looking at new options for paying fares next year — Metro is looking at designing a new way for riders to pay their fares, based on a monthly pass model.

Pump The Brakes On Pepco-Exelon Merger? Public Citizen Joins Chorus

The group Public Citizen has added its voice to those calling for on regulators to halt the proposed merger between Pepco and energy giant Exelon, citing the warping influence of the big lobbying push behind the deal.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Developer Responsible For Shoddy House-Flips In D.C. Hit With Contempt Charge

A Virginia developer being sued by the D.C. attorney general for hundreds of violations of the city's construction code in close to two-dozen properties she renovated and sold has now been hit with a contempt charge for ignoring a court order.

In Anacostia, A Small Galaxy Of Cubism, Allegory, Commercialism And 'Star Wars'

“The entire collection of work is this fun amalgamation of homage and farce and love and ridicule,” says the curator of the Holiday Starkillers exhibit at the Anacostia Arts Center.

Alan Gross Marks One Year Since Being Freed From Cuban Prison

The 66-year-old Washington resident spent five years locked up by the communist regime before being released last December as part of the reopening of relations between the United States and Cuba.

Officer's Mistrial In Freddie Gray's Death Is A Letdown For Both Sides

The mistrial leaves prosecutors, defense attorneys and a populace anxious to find closure back at square one. Lawyers are scheduled to meet in the judge's chambers Thursday to discuss dates for a possible retrial.

'This Is Where It Starts,' McAuliffe Says About Boosting Virginia Economy, Schools

A proposed $1 billion boost in education funding is also an economic development

No Leader, Old Voting Machines: D.C.'s Election Agency Faces Multiple Challenges

The D.C. Board of Elections is without a leader — and struggling to explain whether or not it has the money to pay for voting machines it says it needs.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Delayed D.C. Streetcar Enters Final Test Period, With Officials' Fingers Crossed

Six years after construction crews started laying the tracks, the $200 million streetcar line in Northeast D.C. is entering its final testing period, leading city transportation officials to express confidence the long-delayed project finally is close to completion.

Exelon Paid FreshPAC Chairman To Lobby D.C. Government About Merger

Records show the head of a political action committee that supported D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was paid by Exelon to lobby city officials, raising new questions about the Bowser administration's handling of the proposed high-stakes merger between Pepco and Exelon.

Mikulski Secures $390 Million For FBI HQ; Maryland Ups The Ante On Virginia

The competition between Virginia and Maryland to host the new building for the Federal Bureau of Investigation got a big new wrinkle on Wednesday.

As D.C. Razes Tent Cities, One Resident Talks About Getting Under A Roof

Miguel Elerson recently traded a tent for a roof over his head as part of D.C.'s efforts to end chronic homelessness. The move towards apartment living is switch from much-maligned shelters.

FTA Adds 217 Unresolved Safety Problems To Metro's To-Do List

The federal overseers put in charge of Metro safety earlier this year issued a new directive this week, adding open safety findings to the list of things the transit agency will have to address.

When One Pick Isn't Enough: County Considers Ranked Choice Voting Proposal

As part of an effort to increase voter turnout, Montgomery County lawmakers are looking at introducing ranked choice voting for rare instances when there is a special election for certain countywide positions.

Mayor Bowser Unveils District's Plan To End Traffic Deaths

The Vision Zero action plan is the result of 10 months of collaboration by more than 20 city agencies. Washington is among a handful of U.S. cities to adopt such a program.