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Friday, October 3, 2014

Patient With Ebola-Like Symptoms Admitted To Howard University Hospital

The patient recently traveled to Nigeria, and after returning, showed symptoms that could be related to Ebola. According to a hospital spokesperson, the patient is in stable condition, after being admitted Thursday night.

Planners Try To Lower Region's CO2 Emissions, Though Roads Stand In Way

Officials from local jurisdictions are trying to match the region's ambitious carbon dioxide reduction goals with a transportation plan that will see more roads than transit over the next three decades.

After Not Guilty Verdict, Alexandria Cab Driver Goes Back To Mental Hospital

A former Alexandria taxicab driver is on his way back to Central State Hospital in Petersburg now that a judge has ruled that he is not guilty of shooing a police officer because he was insane at the time of the crime.

Police Closer To Uncovering Mystery Of Four-Decade-Old Disappearances

Police say they are making progress in the finding out what happened to 10-year-old Katherine and 12-year-old Sheila Lyon, both of whom disappeared from a Montgomery County mall nearly 40 years ago.

In Wake Of Fence-Jumping, Norton Asks For Independent Review Of Secret Service

D.C. Delegate Eleanor Homes Norton and other lawmakers are calling for an independent review of the Secret Service.

Signature Theatre Celebrates 25 Years of Dramatic Rule-Breaking

For 25 years, Signature Theatre has sought to produce risky new works and lesser-known or forgotten musicals and plays.

This Week On Metro Connection: Legacies

From the famous to the unsung, we'll present stories of people who pushed for what they believed in -- and left a legacy for others to follow.

How The Immigration Crisis Looks From Two Nations' Capitals

WAMU's Armando Trull discusses his recent reporting trip to El Salvador, where he reports on how gang conditions in Central America are affecting the unaccompanied migrant crisis in the D.C. area.

How An Alexandria Man Came To Lead One Of The First Civil Rights Protests

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the first known nonviolent sit-in of the Civil Rights Movement, coordinated by an African American attorney named Samuel Wilbert Tucker.

Singing And Praying Band's Traditions Stretch Back To Slavery

The Singing and Praying Bands of Maryland and Delaware have been key in the African-American Methodist community for generations.

'Women in Clothes' Explores Deeper Conversation About Clothing And Culture

The editors of the book "Women in Clothes" wanted to have a deeper conversation about clothing: what it says about our minds, bodies and society.

UMD Researchers Seek to Understand Bee Deaths By Building 'Sentinel Hives'

Researchers at the University of Maryland are trying to determine what keeps some bee populations healthy, and what has caused the mysterious decimation of others.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

At Second Debate, Bowser And Catania Sharpen Attacks — And Tensions Boil Over

The simmering tensions between D.C. mayoral candidates Muriel Bowser and David Catania broke out into a full boil at a debate on Thursday night, as the two continued to spar over ethics, education and affordable housing.

The WAMU 88.5 Mayoral Debate: Tweets, Audio & Video

WAMU 88.5's D.C. mayoral debate generated a lot of action on Twitter, under the hashtag #WAMUdebate. Check it out here, along with audio and video clips.

Pro-Gun Attorney Asks Judge To Stop D.C. From Implementing Concealed Carry Law

The attorney whose lawsuit led a federal judge to toss out D.C.'s longstanding ban on carrying guns outside the home is asking that same judge to block an emergency bill passed by the D.C. Council last month that allows certain residents to carry concealed handguns.