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Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, June 11

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Baptiste looks for love in the legendary Children of Paradise.
(c) 1945
Baptiste looks for love in the legendary Children of Paradise.

(June 11-14) Best film ever?

A lot of folks in film say France's Children of Paradise is one of the greatest ever, which is pretty amazing considering it was made during World War II while German forces occupied the country. Set in the theatrical world of Paris in the mid 19th century, the three-hour tale is built around a theater mime's love for an actress with plenty of options. A restored version of the film is showing at Washington's West End Cinema through Thursday.

(June 11-Nov. 11) Teddy heads to the gallery

Artisphere in Arlington is welcoming its first artist-in-residence this year, and she'll be making colorful stuffed animal art onsite. Beth Baldwin celebrates her one-of-a-kind creations made from recycled materials with a reception this Thursday.

(June 11) Choose this Battles

If thunderous drums, densely layered effects, and epic, swelling seven-minute songs sound like your idea of a Monday night, Battles is playing Northwest's Black Cat. The trio manages to sound like a full orchestra of mostly instrumental and always experimental rock music.


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