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Marshall Pushes To Reinstate Transportation 'Kill Switch' In Virginia

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Members of Virginia's General Assembly met in Richmond Monday for a special session on transportation funding.

Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William) tried to lead a revolt that divided his party, threatening the major transportation agreement from last year that's already funding projects across the commonwealth. One of his amendments would have reinstated a "kill switch," ending the local transportation taxes if money is used for things other than transportation. The other amendment would undo a gas tax increase.

“I’ll take whatever consequences the Republican caucus wants to impose upon me," Marshall said, prompting a response from Republican Speaker Bill Howell. “Oh yes I will. Make my day and kick me out because at this point I really don’t care, Mr. Speaker.”

Marshall was trying to make the case that state leaders broke their promise when funds earmarked for transportation were used other things. Republican Del. Dave Albo disagreed.

“There should be no confusion amongst us or anybody in the public that 100 percent of the money that was promised to transportation is going to transportation," Albo said.

Marshall’s amendments were dismissed without a roll call vote, despite his repeated objections.

But the debate on the House floor between Republicans could be a sign of things to come this year, as every member of the House of Delegates and the Virginia state Senate will be up for reelection next November.


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