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Bob McDonnell And Wife Maureen Found Guilty Of Corruption

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, second left, talks to his sister Eileen Reinamanas they arrive at federal court for the third day of jury deliberations in his corruption trial in Richmond, Va., Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014.
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Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, second left, talks to his sister Eileen Reinamanas they arrive at federal court for the third day of jury deliberations in his corruption trial in Richmond, Va., Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014.

Update, 7 p.m.

A jury has convicted former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, of corruption, fraud and bribery, after the couple accepted more than $165,000 of gifts and loans from a businessman.

Both Bob and Maureen bowed heads and wept as a chorus of "guilty" was issued from the jury — a group who deliberated for three days after a five-week trial. Bob McDonnell was found guilty of 11 of 13 corruption charges against him. His wife was found guilty of nine of 13.

"It really is a day of infamy in Virginia politics," says veteran political analyst Bob Hollsworth. "We have a governor and a first lady convicted — not simply on trial but convicted of major charges of public corruption."

McDonnell was once considered a rising star in the Republican party. Now he's facing up to 30 years in prison, although his legal team has already announced they will appeal. Prosecutors say the McDonnells took more than $150,000 in luxury gifts and loans from a wealthy Virginia businessman in exchange for promotiong his products. Members of the jury unanimously agreed.

Earlier updates from our live blog:

The jury has reached a verdict in the trial of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen.

They face 14 charges related to the almost $200,000 in gifts and loans they took from a wealthy Virginia businessman in exchange for promoting his products. They're facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

We will have updates on the individual charges as they come in. For live on-the-ground reports, follow WAMU 88.5 Michael Pope on Twitter.

Update, 2:45 p.m.: As we wait for the verdicts to be read, this is something to consider: there are 14 charges, and not all of them apply to both Bob and Maureen McDonnell. They are both included on 13 charges — including wire fraud, conspiracy and false statements — and each face a single separate charge, false statements for Bob McDonnell and obstruction for Maureen McDonnell.

Update, 3 p.m.: Our content partners at NBC Washington have a live-feed of the scene outside the courthouse in Richmond; reports will start once the verdicts are read. The feed is below.

Update, 3:05 p.m.: The jury has found both guilty of conspiracy to commit honest-services wire fraud for accepting gifts and loans from Jonnie Williams.

Update, 3:10 p.m.: The breakdown as we're getting it: Bob McDonnell guilty on 11 charges, Maureen McDonnell on eight charges. The majority of the charges are for corruption.

Update, 3:15 p.m.: Bob McDonnell reportedly sobbed during the reading of the guilty verdicts.

Update, 3:17 p.m.: Sentencing has been set for Jan. 6, 2015.

Update, 3:30 p.m.: The full count: Bob McDonnell guilty of counts 1-11 (wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, obtaining property under color of official right), Maureen guilty of similar charges. All relate to corruption.

Update, 4 p.m.: According to The Washington Post, Bob and Maureen McDonnell left the courthouse in separate cars. Upon leaving, Bob McDonnell said, “All I can say is my trust belongs in the Lord." His attorney said an appeal would be filed.

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