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Despite Result, 200th Anniversary Of Battle Of Bladensburg Will Be Celebrated

The Battle of Bladensburg was an embarassing rout for U.S. forces, allowing the British to burn the White House and U.S. Capitol.
The Battle of Bladensburg was an embarassing rout for U.S. forces, allowing the British to burn the White House and U.S. Capitol.

Yorktown. Gettysburg. Normandy. Iwo Jima. Those are some of the greatest victories and finest hours in the history of the United States.

The 1814 Battle of Bladensburg in Maryland... isn't. In fact, it's arguably the most embarrassing defeat the U.S. has ever endured. Regardless, this weekend Prince George's County will mark the 200th anniversary of the battle.

The battle fought along the shores of the Anacostia River in Prince George's County saw the British rout a very disorganized American force. Their victory allowed the British to two days later burn Washington D.C., which lead to the destruction of many buildings — including the original White House and U.S. Capitol.

But time heals all wounds it seem, as Prince George's County is hosting several events this weekend to mark the 200th anniversary of the battle, which falls on Sunday. Tomorrow will feature a re-enactment of the battle, as well as the unveiling of a new monument commemorating the fight and a music festival at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park.

Then on Sunday at the same locationa 5k race will be held, called the Bladensburg Races after a famous poem written a short time after the battle that criticized the retreat of American troops through the streets of Washington D.C. following the fighting.

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