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Seat Pleasant Mayor Eugene Grant To Pitch Tent Outside City Hall

Eugene Grant is still the mayor of Seat Pleasant in Prince George's County. And he is also still evicted from his office in city hall following a vote last week by the city council.

Grant promised to "pitch a tent" in front of the Seat Pleasant city hall to meet with constituents following his eviction from the building — but not his job — last week. By a 4-3 vote, the Seat Pleasant council decided that Grant would no longer have an office in city hall following numerous complaints from city workers that he berated, insulted, and intimidated them.

So while Grant still holds office, he doesn't have an actual physical one, and on Monday of this week, he was planning to announce his "mobile mayor" initiative.

But in a tweet, he decided to delay the announcement because of a press conference held that day that updated the investigation into the shooting death of a 3-year-old girl last weekend. But in another tweet yesterday, Grant directed supporters to sign up at the website to get the latest updates on what he's planning next.

What that will be is still anyone's guess, as the same tweet gave no date for announcement, saying only that it will come "soon."


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