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Virginia Board Of Elections Finalizes Regulations On Voter ID

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A grace period of a year past the expiration date has been granted to voter identification in Virginia.
A grace period of a year past the expiration date has been granted to voter identification in Virginia.

Virginia's ever-changing voter photo ID law is changing once again as the State Board of Elections finalizes its regulations.

State law now requires a photo ID to vote and lists which documents are "valid." But the board wondered whether a driver's license is still valid if it’s expired. It initially decided in June to allow acceptance of licenses that had expired within 30 days, but some groups say that's unreasonable, and Attorney General Mark Herring questioned its constitutionality.

Del. Vivian Watts says "valid" has nothing to do with expiration.

"It was validly issued by somebody, by an agency who took that picture and matched it up to that name and the person before you is the person of that name. If we had chosen to use the word 'current,' then current would be there.

The law’s sponsor, Sen. Mark Obenshain, who once ran against Herring, says the attorney general is once again reinterpreting law that should be left for lawmakers and that "expired" does mean "invalid."

But the Board decided in the opposite direction of Obenshain’s argument. The members voted to extend the expiration period to one year and let the General Assembly hash out the language.


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