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Signs Of The Time: Montgomery County Goes On Campaign Sign-Removal Blitz

Officials have been removing signs from campaigns and businesses hanging up around Montgomery County.
Matt Bush/WAMU
Officials have been removing signs from campaigns and businesses hanging up around Montgomery County.

The "visual" reminders of last month's primary election in Maryland have been removed in Montgomery County.

A large blue dumpster at the county's recycling facility near the Shady Grove Metro station was a treasure trove of winners and losers from last month's primary — their campaign signs at least — as two county agencies performed the largest ever "sign sweep" in Montgomery County to remove the banners from right of ways.

Ehsan Motazedi, who heads the zoning and site plan enforcement division of the county's department of permitting services, says it was far more than just campaign signs that were taken down though: businesses he calls "predatory" were also targeted.

"These are the people who are advertising [businesses] that [we] don't know [about]. Our consumer protection office has issues with them because we don't know who they are, where they are, and people are getting taken advantage of," he said.

And while the signs were taken to the recycling center, many can't actually be recycled because of their material makeup — but the metal posts used to prop them up can be.

Motazedi reminds residents that signs cannot be posted in public right of ways during the week — only on weekends — with the most typical being for real estate open houses. Those who break the law can be fined, though no fines were issued yesterday for the 2,500 signs that were collected.


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