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Former D.C. Council Candidate Pleads Guilty For Illicit Campaign Cash

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Former D.C. Council candidate Kelvin Robinson has admitted to receiving tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign donations from D.C. businessman Jeffrey Thompson. Prosecutors say Kelvin Robinson took the campaign cash during his unsuccessful bids for the DC Council in 2010.

It was the second time in as many weeks that a District politician has admitted to receiving off-the-books campaign cash from Jeffrey Thompson, a major city contractor.

Last week it was former council member Michael Brown, who during his sentencing for an unrelated bribery charge admitted in court to receiving more than $100,000 in illegal campaign funds from Thompson.

This week, it’s Kelvin Robinson, the business director at the city’s health benefit exchange authority.

Robinson, who once served as former mayor Anthony Williams chief of staff, says more than $30,000 in shadow campaign funds were funneled to him by Thompson in 2010, when he ran for council.

The money was used for campaign expenses, such as direct mail and yard signs. Robinson also benefited from Thompson's network of illegal straw donors: people who would make donations and then get reimbursed by Thompson or his firms.

Robinson struck a plea deal with prosecutors and could face up to a year in prison.

Earlier this year Thompson pleaded guilty to funneling millions of dollars to dozens of local and federal campaigns, including mayor Vincent Gray's 2010 campaign.

Gray has denied any wrongdoing.


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