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Shutterbugs Help Celebrate Flickr's Birthday At Arlington National Cemetery

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The sun rises above D.C., as photographers capture the moment from the Arlington National Cemetery.
Jacob Fenston/WAMU
The sun rises above D.C., as photographers capture the moment from the Arlington National Cemetery.
More than 100 photographers were allowed onto the grounds before dawn for the sunrise photowalk. (Jacon Fesnton/WAMU)

Arlington National Cemetery opened its gates before dawn, to host more than 100 photographers yesterday morning.

As the sun peeks above the Lincoln Memorial, a line of cameras clicks away, on the hill overlooking the Potomac River. Amateur photographer Alan Goldstein is changing out a huge telephoto lens.

"Every hour of the day is a different feel," Goldstein says. "Of course, as a photographer, we like the time from sunup to about 10 o'clock."

Arlington National Cemetery hosted this photo-walk, letting people in at a time when the grounds are usually closed to the public. There were photo walks like this one in more than 60 cities across the world, around the tenth birthday of photo-sharing website Flickr.

Goldstein says he shares his photos online to get feedback.

"I like the approbation that I get. I like people telling me, 'Oh, these are wonderful photos,'" he says.

"Photography is such a solo activity for the most part when you're taking it," says Cindy Li. She works for Flickr, and she's uploaded more than 33,000 of her own photos. She says it isn't just about getting online accolades, but also about learning to get better.


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