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Get Ready For More Expensive Campaigns, Says Sen. Tim Kaine

Critics of the Supreme Court's new ruling lifting caps on campaign donations argue it's going to make the capital region's congressional races much more expensive.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) knows how expensive it is to win a statewide campaign in Virginia.

"Our spending was dwarfed by the spending of third party groups and that's even more the case," Kaine says. "So when you lift aggregate limitations on spending so people can give to every candidate and then their limited, but then they want to give more so they just give to committees, super PACs, etc. So the one thing I know is it will make every race more expensive."

Kaine's predicting this years face-off between his fellow Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner and Republican Challenger Ed Gillespie is going to attract a lot of big dollar donations from across the U.S. now that the Supreme Court overturned a law limiting campaign donations.

Kaine says the ruling is bad for democracy.

"The systematic, you know, dismantling of these congressional attempts to have a system where it's just not all politics bought and paid for is troubling, it's very troubling," Kaine says. "We are moving to a system where I worry it's not one man one vote, it's one dollar one vote."

Republicans see it differently. They say the ruling enhances First Amendment rights.


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