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Analysis: Federal Employees Coping With Winter Via Telework

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Extreme weather has caused a number of disruptions around the Washington region, from school closures to travel conditions, and it has led the federal government to take four full snow days this season. But a winter closure doesn't translate into a day off for everyone. The growth of teleworking in the federal government has meant many employees are still working from home, even when the weather is bad.

Government Executive Editor-in-chief Tom Shoop talks with WAMU Host Matt McCleskey about efforts to keep workers productive when snow shuts the government down.


In 'Hustling Hitler,' A Jewish Vaudevillian Scams The Third Reich

It seems everyone has one: the eccentric relative much gossiped about. For Walter Shapiro, it's his great-uncle, Freeman Bernstein. The vaudeville manager, boxing promoter, card shark and stock swindler managed to scam the Third Reich. Shapiro writes about this in his new book, Hustling Hitler.

How The Humble Orange Sweet Potato Won Researchers The World Food Prize

A public health campaign to sell Africans on the virtues of orange-fleshed sweet potatoes — bred for higher Vitamin A levels — has helped combat malnutrition on the continent.

Fact Check: Trump's Speech On The Economy Annotated

NPR's politics team has annotated Donald Trump's Tuesday speech on the economy.

Click For Fewer Calories: Health Labels May Change Online Ordering Habits

Will it be a hamburger or hummus wrap for lunch? When customers saw indications of a meal's calorie content posted online, they put fewer calories in their cart, a study finds.

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