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Quilt At U.S. Capitol Will Tell Stories Of Survivors Of Rape And Abuse

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The quilt on display in Baltimore.
Photo by Theresa Keil
The quilt on display in Baltimore.

The West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol will be blanketed tomorrow not with snow — but with 100 red quilts.

The Monument Quilt is a crowd-sourced collection of four-by-four foot pieces of fabric that tell the stories of survivors of rape and abuse. Rebecca Nagle is the co-director of FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, the Baltimore-based group behind the project. She says that sharing these stories in a public space not only helps victims heal, but also fosters a new culture in which survivors are publicly supported, rather than shamed.

"So far we've collected about 150 quilt squares, and over the next two years we'll be accepting quilt squares from allies and survivors from across the country, and the project will continue to grow," she says.

Nagle says the group wants to ultimately collect and stitch together enough stories to create a quilt that stretches one mile and spells out the words "NOT ALONE."

The quilt will be on display from 1-4 p.m.


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