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Scalia Heads To The Stage In New Play On Supreme Court Justice

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A Supreme Court justice will be at the center of a new drama next year, but the affair won't unfold in the U.S. Supreme Court, but rather on stage.

Arena Stage is announcing that it will host the premiere of a new political drama in its next season. The main character in the show is Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who becomes the unlikely mentor of a law clerk who holds some very different political opinions. Charles MacArthur Award-winning playwright John Strand says The Originalist explores "the middle."

"What has happened to it, why we've sort of abandoned the middle and why we've all been driven to the edges by the sort of ideology and extremism of positions today. So, it's a play that asks in some ways, how do we get to the middle again and what do we learn about ourselves and the people we disagree with when we get there?", he says.

Strand says that "it's a fictional play about a decidedly non-fictional person," which means that even though the script is technically finished, it's still subject to change.


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