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Police Stick To Composite Sketch As Search For Alexandria Shooter Continues

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Alexandria police will not release another sketch of the suspect without a beard.

The search goes on for the killer of a prominent music teacher in Alexandria, Va. Police have decided against releasing another composite image of the suspect.

When Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook appeared before concerned neighbors during a civic association meeting last week to address their concerns about the murder of Ruthanne Lodato, one woman asked about what the suspect might look like if he shaved his beard. Cook responded by saying police officials were planning to release another composite showing what he might look like without a beard.

Now police officials are rethinking that strategy.

"After talking to composite experts, we have decided not to attempt to make a composite without the beard," says Crystal Nosal, spokeswoman for the Alexandria Police Department.

For now, she says, the only composite that will be available to the public is the one of the older white man with a balding head and beard.

"We don't want to speculate on how he may look underneath the beard and put out something that we have no clue of knowing if it actually looks like him," she says.

Nosal says police officials have also decided to stop updating the public on how many tips they've received from the composite because they don't want to discourage more people from coming forward with information.


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