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More School Bus Cameras May Be On The Way In Montgomery County

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Cameras on Montgomery County school buses catch those who illegally pass buses.
Cameras on Montgomery County school buses catch those who illegally pass buses.

Leaders in Montgomery County are already thinking of expanding the number of cameras attached to extending school bus stop signs. The first five cameras just started operating last month.

Those first five cameras issued 10 citations in the first month — a number that County Council President Craig Rice says he finds very alarming. Five more have since been installed and another 15 will be up and running by the end of this month.

The cameras ticket drivers who pass the buses when the stop sign arm is extended as students get off.

"I think as we increase the number of school bus stop arm cameras, we'll see that we have a much larger problem than we originally thought we did," Rice says.

To that end, Rice says the initial 25 cameras may not be enough, so he will convene a meeting with his colleagues in the next few weeks to see if even more cameras should be added.

"To still see that many incidents with the limited number of cameras that we have is extremely concerning," Rice says. "It means people are just not educated about the dangers that are out there or about the law. Or they don't care."

The fines from the cameras are $125.

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